July 30, 2011

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is my first attempt to join many others in this monthly event, hosted by Kathy from Postcards from P.P.   I think I saw it first on Anne's blog and thought that it looked like fun.

So with a bit of extra time this month, I decided to have a go.  This is my take on the following:

 July's Scavenger List:
  • a flag
  • a kite
  • celebration
  • fields
  • flip flops
  • ice cream
  • red, white and blue
  • seashells
  • something that makes you happy (not a person or an animal!)
  • stars
  • strawberries
  • stripes
with the exception of a kite!  I couldn't find one anywhere.

This was our wedding reception 1992 - the bridal table just waiting for the wedding party to arrive!
football fields
 flip flops (sons' thongs)
 ice cream
red white blue

These are lovely old shells, collected and put into a terrarium by my mother, many years ago

Something that makes me happy
- at the moment it's this quilt bought off ebay. Perfect colour match for rest of bedroom.
Electric lights strung along our outdoor entertainment area

Home grown strawberries
Our old garden seat

That was fun - easy in some ways, but a bit of a challenge for a basic photographer like me.  Have a look at the site, there are lots who participate and it's always interesting to see different approaches to the topic.

cheers for now - Wendy

July 29, 2011

7 things I have learned this week

I'm glad that the previous orange post brought a warm glow to those in the colder parts of winter.  Your comments certainly brightened my day.  Thanks for all the lovely comments.   Great to see some new readers and also some new followers! 

Now for my 7 things ....

Hazel likes the happy sound of the lambs and is maybe thinking about her new outdoor kitchen which will be in progress very soon. 
2.  Gooseberry Jam has been baking up a storm and has lamb on her mind too.
3.  Anne can look on the bright side without a problem and has some lovely granny squares on the go.
4.  Kiwifruit has become a Roller Derby diva and braving the rain and cold to take some lovely photos.
5.  Lyndel has enjoyed successful thrifting  and also has a new model.
6.  Mud Pie Ali can certainly grow some lovely looking spuds and could probably make a new currency of bananas if she so chose.
7.  Muppy's family can sit down to a beautiful and different dinner every night of the week!  I think I might try the lasagne.

and of course lots of points of interest on other lovely blogs.  Please don't feel left out if I haven't mentioned you - maybe next time.

1.       In return, here are 7 things starting with "I" (that you may or may not want to know!)

2.      I worked in Central Qld for 12 mths as a governess/jillaroo when I was 19.  I loved the School of the Air part.  The kids were monsters.

3.       I'm left handed (and strangely so is my husband and son)

4.       I'm pondering whether the post title should read 'things I have learnt' or  things I have learned?  My grammar is going downhill fast.

5.      I strongly dislike the term 'only child'.  No, I'm not one, but our son is.  It somehow implies spoilt or to be pitied.  Alternatively others assume that it was by choice.

6.     I went back to work full time after maternity leave (now that was difficult!) when my husband had a career change 15 years ago.  He gave up work and studied full time.  Things are different now.

7.     I  worked in NZ  for 2+ years when I was younger too.  I have since been back 3 times and want (badly) to go back again.  I worked in the scenic Mt Cook area and just loved it.

8.     I think I prefer the nasturtiums in the blue vase rather than the white. 

Blogger does not like the use of the numeric bullet system - so you've ended up with more than 7!
  .. and here are my replies to your comments on previous post  ......

HAZEL - don't worry, there will be times in summer when we are swimming in the humidity and you will be posting about cool evening breezes.!
 veggiegobbler - Likewise VG!  I have to say I love the cooler weather, but don't know if that is because it is not really cold.  Hope your toes have warmed a little.
 **Anne** -  Ice on the car doesn't happen here, but I'm happy if the sun came out even just a little for you.  Keep warm.
 sophie...^5 - You have lots of different sights to behold where you are!  Always looks spectacular to me.
 Phoebe - Hi and thanks for your comment!  I am starting to like orange more now too.  I can remember a lot of orange in my room.  My bedroom curtains somehow managed to incorporate horses AND orange.  Awesome.
 Tania @ Out Back - Hi Tania, welcome too and thanks for your comment.
 Ali - yes, some rain maybe?  Thanks for mentioning the curlews.  I was just so surprised to see them in a suburban front yard.  They do that freeze thing and try and camouflage themselves.  Didn't you know my last name is Attenborough..lol
 thenewgoodlife - Hello and thanks for your comment!  I think that the southern states would have the most amazing spring blossoms.   
hearts_in_asia - Hi!  thanks - just wish it was in our backyard.  Very impressive.
 Rose  - Yes, our orange trumpet vine did well for a while, but nothing like this display.  Thanks for your comment.
 Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - thanks TVM!  Happy to help.
 angela - Hi Angela and thanks for your lovely comment.  Glad it warmed you a little!
 Claire - Hadn't thought about the VitC aspect, but you could be right there!  Thanks for your comment Claire.

Cheers for now - Wendy

July 27, 2011

It's an Orange Winter Wednesday

There is something about winter and the colour orange in Queensland!  I spotted this gorgeous hedge of orange trumpet vine.  Not in my backyard, but when I was out and about on a walk.
 Isn't it just beautiful.  The fall is so luxurious, the colours so vibrant.  
 What is is with the colour orange that has such a happy feel about it?  
When I went back with my camera to take these shots, I also spotted something unusual in a front yard.  A pair of  Bush Stone Curlews.  

While not uncommon in these parts (we often hear their haunting call at night) I've not seen them during the day before.  I can only imagine that they were somehow disturbed in the nocturnal foraging. 
 I took a few photos and wished them well, not wanting to disturb them too much.
Or maybe they were just basking in the glow of all that orange-ness!
That was my Winter Wednesday morning.  How is it with all who participate in Hazel's Winter Wednesday theme.  Cold and wet perhaps??  :))  Sorry - couldn't resist that one!


My replies to your comments on the previous post

Daffodil  - sounds kind of cosy to me!  I enjoy a cold wet day sometimes - maybe not for too long though!

Nelly - it is nice at the moment.  Can't say I'm looking forward to those long hot days ahead of us.

delia hornbook - thanks Dee.  I find it amazing that this is probably the first time I have taken photos of our surrounds.  It is lovely to have done it now.

Ali - yes, we certainly are lucky at the moment.  Bit dry though, hope we get some rain before the Ekka and those westerly winds.

**Anne** - I just love the big gums the most too.  Once they are gone they won't be replaced, and so many animals and birds make use of them. 

saving for travel - I look forward to seeing your photos too SFT.  It will be interesting to see the difference!

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - I often think about Tasmania - particularly when it is so hot here!   Not so sure about the depths of winter though!

Little Blue Mouse - thanks for commenting.  I'm hoping that I'll be organized enough with my photos - we'll see! 


cheers for now - Wendy

July 25, 2011

My Morning Walk - Part 1

Feeling a little like a tourist this morning, I decided to photograph my morning walk to share.  It's amazing how much we take for granted.  Blogging has opened my eyes and encouraged me to look at things a bit differently. I must say upfront - my  photography skills are a little ordinary and my camera pretty tame!

However, it has occurred to me that due to so much fast-speed development happening so quickly around us (as mentioned here)  a lot of what I see on my morning walk this morning may not be there in a few years time.  Sad but true.

So I decided to take some photos this morning.  I walk every morning for an hour or so, usually between 7 - 8am.  I drive my son (correction I should say that he now drives with his "L" plates proudly displayed)  the 10 minutes to the bus stop.  The I drive back to local park where I start and end my walk. 

This is the rural part of the walk - I decided to just let the photos speak for themselves.

This is where the rural part ends, and it's back into the park.  More in the next exciting installment!
That's my little walk for the day and I must say I enjoyed photographing it.   When I'm sitting on that rocking chair in the home, I'll be able to look back on this post  - and photos that I may not have taken otherwise.  Thanks for coming along on the walk with me. 

...... and if you have made it this far ......

My reply to your comments on previous post:

librarygirl - thanks for your comment.  I know that you have been through similar - sad times indeed.

**Anne**  - thanks Anne, yes they are cute.  Like puppies they don't always stay that way!

delia hornbook - thanks for your comment.  Bantams are cute and I'm hoping to grow a little flock of them.

Ali  - thanks indeed Ali.  Things are settling down a little now.   Bantams are indeed cute and I don't know why we haven't owned more of them before this stage.

little black cow blog - it's amazing isn't it.  We have had different chook varieties over the years, but bantams are definitely the cutest.

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - I don't usually name chooks for some reason, but this little creamy hen has also been called Little Banty. 

Little Blue Mouse - thank you too!  I liked the photos of your chickens - a nice mix I think.

saving for travel - thanks SFT.  They are a little bit flighty at the moment, I'm hoping they will settle a little as they get older.
Cheers for now - Wendy

July 21, 2011

I'm erratic it seems

Sorry for the lapse.  It seems that I'm an erratic blogger.  No real dramas, have just been really busy with this and that.  Combined with the loss of our father/FIL/Pop -  I just haven't had any really blog-worthy news.

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments on the previous post.  It's always a difficult time, no matter how old you are or how old the loved one is.  We farewelled him at a lovely service last Friday.  After the service, it was one of those occasions  when it was lovely to catch up with family not seen in some time. 

However, I can talk Bantams.  Remember these little guys so cute and fluffy back in May?
Now they look more like this and yes, there are only 3 of them from the original 6.  That's just the way it goes sometimes.  I won't bore you with the details of how the other 3 met their demise (on 3 separate occasions)  but these ones seem like stayers.
Luckily,  one of each breed remains.  The black/brown hen is a Pekin, the black and white speckled one (a rooster)  is a Silky which should turn out to be a colour called Lavender apparently .  We haven't had one of these before, so I'll wait and see.
The other should be a bantam Light Sussex, but she is looking suspiciously large, so I'm wonder if a standard one was mixed in there somewhere along the line.  Time will tell.
I'm actually pleased to have a new Silky rooster.  He will eventually breed with his surrogate mum!  Hmmmm.   I can't breed with our other bantam rooster as he is Little Banty's sibling.   Hmmm again.  This is all starting to sound a bit off.  However, eventually I hope to have a new little bantam flock.
They look so cute at night, still tucked in under Mums wings.

The days have been just glorious lately.  So enjoying the winter out in the garden.  I've been re-vamping my rose garden.  Should have taken some 'before' photos, but I didn't.  I'll post some 'after' photos though when it is looking more settled.  Am I the only one who goes crazy buying roses at the nursery  this time of year?

Cheers for now - Wendy

July 13, 2011

Winter Wednesday Theme - Lemonade

This is our little lemonade tree.  Not bearing as well obviously as our prolific mandarins.
However, lemonade fruit is one of the joys of winter, to our family anyway.  Not as sour as a lemon, but lovely and juicy.  Nice as a juice or mixed with another citrus.

Our lemonade tree is a replacement for another one that died, and it is still getting established.  I'd say this was its second season.  Maybe next year there will be a few more on the tree!  I'm hoping anyway.
Another of the nicer aspects of winter.  Linking with the lovely Hazel's Winter Wednesday Theme.  Looks like Hazel's place is a cosy place in winter.


I've been missing in action a bit this week.  My dear father-in-law passed away on Tuesday night.  Not unexpected, but very sad of course as these times are to families.  I may (or may not) write more about him later.  Rest in peace Pop.

Cheers for now - Wendy

My reply to your comments in previous post 

veggiegobbler  - I think your winter garden is looking quite pretty actually.  Maybe a harvest will follow. 

saving for travel - thanks SFT - not sure about being clever, but certainly I make use of what we do have at hand.

Kim - thanks for your nice words.  It is a nice feeling! .... and always good to challenge yourself I think.

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - winter is probably the best time in the garden where we are - I can't get too motivated in summer!  I long to live in Tas in summer!

Lyndel - I'll take the flowers too thanks!  Your roses looked gorgeous.

muppy - did you end up doing a dish with mandarin?  I looked but it didn't jump out at me - hopefully you do.  Lucky you with a full tree also!

Leontien  - we often have a meatless meal.  I do enjoy eggs in quite a few meals too.  Thanks for your nice comments.

Gooseberry Jam - yes we did!  Have the photos to prove it!  Our cabbages and broccoli are powering on this season.  First time without those dreaded white moths.  More cabbage meals to come as there are still 3 in the garden!  Thanks for your nice words, glad to see you back after your holiday.  

Fi - so far we have escaped too many pests this season.  We do have some pretty big bandicoots digging up holes everywhere though!

July 7, 2011

Vegetable Garden Self-Imposed Invention Test

Thought it might be interesting to see what I could make just from our garden and took the opportunity last night.  A certain football match was on, a little get-together between Qld and New South Wales.  A game that Qld won 24-14!   Yay Qld - is it a State Holiday today?

This event was so big that apparently both the males of the house had to be in the company of other males to watch that particular football game.  Some sort of tribal bonding I think.  I was quite happy to be home alone, watching the game and cooking.

So I challenged myself to cook a meal just from what I found in the garden - and this is the result.
 I used part of everything here - except the strawberry which wasn't ripe but I had to rescue it from the Creatures of the Night who have managed to chomp into some other large strawberries.
 Clockwise - broccoli, cabbage, jap pumpkin, mixed lettuce leaves, mandarins, silverbeet, rainbow chard,  eggs, chives, coriander, sweet chilli, komato, strawberry, parsley, lemonade, sweet potato

So it was a meal for one (quite a big meal).  I could have easily stretched it to feed the 3 of us I think - maybe using more cabbage and broccoli.  Only used 2 of the 3 eggs and the only additional ingredients were some garlic and a bit of oil for the omelette.  
 I chopped the sweet potato and pumpkin and added some coriander,  silver beet and  rainbow chard.  Then I added the juice of one mandarin - sealed it in alfoil and into the oven.  It was delicious and now I'm keen to try more with the juice.  

Having just read Muppys post on this dish, I'm wondering if I might try something similar but with mandarin juice instead of milk.  What do you think Muppy?   

The dark tomato is a kumato.  I cooked a few slices in the omelette as well as raw.  I've just planted some more tomatoes so I hope they take off - in the shops the other day were $9 a kg!!

The large yellow fruit is a lemonade.  Lovely and mild, not as tart as lemon, I mixed it with the other mandarin for a juice.  Thought I might have invented a new drink, but we didn't have any vodka which would have made it even more interesting!

I've recently had a look funkyfrontyardfarmersfriends and it was certainly a prompt to challenge myself to try and see what I could make.  Certainly it is encouraging to know that I can at least compile one meal - and interesting to see how this could be expanded. 


Personally, since I've started my blog, it has really made me look around and maybe open my eyes and appreciate it all just a little more!  From the blue skies to the nasturtiums, it is amazing what is around and so easily taken for granted. 

I'd like to sincerely thank those of you who read my humble blog and your comments have been so very encouraging. Welcome too new follower Cathy - which takes it up to 30 - amazing.  Thanks so much!  

Oh - and don't stress -  I will get around to decluttering  again one day soon!

Cheers for now - Wendy

My reply to your comments on previous post

muppy  - thanks they are lovely - except in bushfire season lol.

Fi  - I love those sort of guilt-free days!  Hoping your feeling better soon.

delia hornbook - I know what you mean, it does seem a little topsy turvey.

Rose  - Hi Rose.  Witty comments are always welcome here! 

saving for travel - I just wish I could knit socks!  Going to tackle that next after I finish my current knitting project. 

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - I can only imagine how cold it would be in Tassie at the moment! 

July 6, 2011

Winter Wednesday Theme

A lovely sight to behold on a crisp sunny Winter's day

a cosy woollen jumper that my DH favours - drying in the sun.

Linking to the lovely  Hazel's Winter Wednesday theme - but it's a bit cooler where she is!


My reply to comments in previous post  

Lyndel - I'd love to see a photo of your roses.  Roses are one of my favourites.  I've been working on my rose garden lately. 

Judith - The vase does look good against the orange doesn't it.  Strangely enough the photo doesn't really do it justice, it has some lovely colours.  

saving for travel - I thought the vase was a pretty good buy too - even though I really have enough vases!