March 13, 2015

Just some traffic passing by .....

alternate title could be - what I found at the bottom of the garden!
It seems they were just passing through.
A small muster - not sure if that is the right term for a group of 3 peacocks and 1 peahen.
I do not have a very good zoom lens. This was taken looking up to roof of our workshop.
and a view of one on the workshop roof..... and yes there are fairies at the bottom of my garden!

In the morning they had gone  They all appeared quite young, the males had lovely colour but not much plumage.  I think a lot of acreage owners buy these birds thinking they are decorative, not realising that they are difficult to contain in a pen.  However they do make a lot of noise - so I was happy they had moved along.  

Then a few days later I spotted these regulars down past the back gate.
Often we see groups of them on our block.
Quite happy to have them around!

Our trip to Tassie was lovely.  A bit of a break from the hot weather - however it was straight back into the hot humid weather on our return.  At least we missed all of Cyclone Marcia.  
Now waiting for an autumn change sometime soon thanks!

A quick glimpse of our 10 day, 2000k holiday - and what an amazing, diverse State.

cheers for now