July 24, 2012

The Last of the Winter Vine

We have a rather spectacular monolith in our yard.
Looming up iinto the winter sky – looks its best against a vibrant blue Queensland winter day.
The spectacular orange is the Orange Trumpet Vine not an unusual vine at all in this neck of the woods..    It is the vine that is beautiful, not so much the tree that it covers.
It always seems to bloom just in time for our sons birthday in June (which as always been nice when we have a party or get together here)  and peaks about July.
For a number of years we have all said ‘that tree just has to go’.  The tree is a gum and way too close to the house.  The tree has been pruned back a number of times and now of course doesn’t grow too well,
So while the winter view is spectacular, the rest of the year it’s a bit ho-hum - the snubbed branches and minimal leaf growth not very inspiring.  
It is way too close to the house.  Too close to the drains, the roof, the verandah.

One year that tree just has to go.  Maybe next year.  The last of the winter vine.

Cheers for now

Waving hi to new follower Karen... Hi!.

July 18, 2012

We Like Our Fireplace

Being in Queensland, it doesn't really get a lot of use.

However, just for a few months, it's an integral part of our home.

A bit rustic, it seems to fit in well.  We have been here 21 years (how did that happen) and the fire was here
when we bought the house.
(oops the chimney looks a bit wonky - sorry, must be my great photography in action!)

Not sure how long it was here before.  It's a fair age anyhow.

Over the years we have installed a new chimney, but that's all.

I think it will be here for a few years to come.

Do you have a fireplace where you are?

cheers for now

July 16, 2012

A few violet things ... and a Winner

I’m linking up again with Sister Sun and her colour inspired theme - but I have to admit to feeling like a bit of an imposter this week as I really don’t have many violet or purple shots.  Her photos are stunning and I'd encourage you to hop on over and have a look.
 Actually I was surprised that I had this (Iris?) but a couple have just come up amongst some bulb plantings that we bought when on a visit to the (much cooler) Armidale region recently.
The other little blooms are actually a weed called shamrock (I think, once again) but they have the sweetest little flower.  More towards pink I guess, but still in the violet range.
  A violet candle.  The top looks a bit ugly so I only included the pretty pattern.
   In other totally unrelated news ....
Some pea and ham soup bubbling away in the slow cooker.  This will be on the menu tomorrow.  I like to let it sit overnight before reheating.  More flavour.
My latest knitting project. .. and by latest I mean it has been on the needles a long time.  Refer this post entitled 'why this will never turn into a knitting blog'! and yes, it has been pulled out and re-knitted a few times.

Yes it is the same project – a button up vest for husband.  However, at least I am on the back section now having finished the two front pieces.  I am a very slow knitter I think.  I told him to expect it by winter 2013, that way if it finalises any earlier it will be a nice surprise!

This is my favourite knitting and also reading spot.  My red chair as featured in another post.   I'm thinking too of doing another Objects of My Affection post, as there are still plenty of things that I'm enjoying having around me - despite a fair bit of decluttering going on recently!
Now - Announcing the Winner of my Giveaway and with apologies for the delay.   I’m not sure how to draw a name any other way,  so I stuck to the basics.

Put the names all in together, shake it around a bit and draw out one name ...

Congratulations to Tania!  And thanks to others who entered.  Tania I have sent you an email.  Hope you enjoy the wool - and that maybe you are a faster knitter than me!

Cheers for now

July 11, 2012

Ahhh Winter - you've done it again

Wool giveaway! 
Follow link at right to let me know
you'd like to be included.
I'll draw it on the 15th July

Winter, in my opinion anyway, the best time of the year.  

What have I been up to?  Well I have .....  

Finished knitting a baby blanket for my niece's firstborn.  I was just finishing up some oddment colours that I had, wasn't sure of  baby boy or a girl when I started knitting. Turned out to be a boy.
We have been having (what seems like a continual) clean up around the house and yard.

We've had two separate garage sales - but only sold a little.

This photo taken the night before.  What is it with garage sales these days?  We had low prices, but people only seem to want to look.  We obviously don't have good junk!

So I have taken THREE car loads of goods (sorry forgot to take photos of evidence) to my local Animal Welfare charity store - at least they love meI enjoy knowing that someone else will benefit and there might be a few more happy op shoppers around!

...... and have listed some things on ebay - working on more this week.
I've been oiling furniture and changing around rooms (again).  This taken mid-turnaround!

Plus I've been generally enjoying life around our place here (especially since I'm at home more atm).

and of course - playing with these guys
What's not to to love about Winter in Queensland?!

( I have used a couple of these photos in earlier posts, but they seemed to fit in well with this one.)

cheers for now

July 2, 2012

Shades of blue

It’s amazing what can be found by going through some old photos.  Being in Queensland, there seems to be a lot of blue in most of my photos. 

Thanks again to Evi @ SisterSun for encouraging this process. 

These are some of the blues I found. Most of these were taken on various holidays - which I found surprising, as it always seems to rain whenever we go on holiday!

The photos below were taken in New Zealand several years ago. 
 This freaky cloud photo taken in Queenstown.
 A holiday at Iluka NSW.  Evoking memories of lots of fishing, boating and blue sky days.
A lovely contrast of Queensland blue skies against the roof.  This old Queenslander in in Ipswich and is actually where my father was born and raised many years ago.  It is in beautiful condition and obviously well loved by the present owner.
 Gorgeous Stradbroke Island.  The pictures speak for themselves.
I'm actually feeling a little blue myself today, as our son successfully obtained his “P” plates this morning.
I know I should be happy...... and I’m sure I’ll get used to it – one day!
Oops I accidentally snuck in a little maroon too!
Well, it is almost the STATE of ORIGIN football - and incidentally, it is Game Three - the Decider.
Maroons vs Blues, so I couldn't help myself. Go Queensland!!
Blue is also the colour of the wool in the Giveaway!!  Don’t forget to leave a comment on the giveaway post, and be / become a follower of the blog to enter.

Cheers for now