February 7, 2013

Tasting some Tamarillo's or should that be Tamarillos or maybe Tamarilloes??

Linking up with the lovely Veggiegobbler.   I've decided to join in her Thursday Garden Gobbles - what's happening in our gardens this time of year.
It's sort of an in-between time here, while we wait for things to cool down and plan for the winter plantings.

These tamarillos looked a little sad on the tree, so it was time to do something about it.

They seem to fruit a couple of times a year without much ado, and are getting a little sweeter as they go along.... which is nice, as they can be a little tart at times!
So I decided to just steam them to remove the skin just like tomatoes (they look a bit weird I thought).
Then I just poached them lightly in a little sugar, honey and vanilla, and let them cool in the syrup.
Yummo!  especially with some home made (easiyo) greek yoghurt, it is a nice contrast.
These trees are fairly new to us, I'm sure there are many more ways to deal with tamarillos.  However, I was definitely surprised how much they looked like tomatoes!

Sorry VG but I won't be able to join in next week - but I've got a good excuse!  We are off the California for a 10 day break........ squeeeeeeeealllllll!

Cheers for now