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September 15, 2014

Time to put down the clippers

I love to prune.  I love this time of year when pruning is fun and it shows rewards quickly.  I pruned back our wisteria vine - hard - about two weeks ago.  It has sprung back beautifully and the flowers are going to be lovely.

The veggie garden is powering on.  Some lovely carrots which has been a nice change from the weird ones we produced several seasons ago (planet-carrot).  Just proves a bit of effort and TLC does work!
This is different wisteria vine, growing on one of the sheds and just coming into flower too.  It is a native wisteria which can be seen in another post (here) with photos taken later in September.  It is a nice vine to have, because although it has rambling growth, it does not lose leaves and creates a nice shady vine in summer.

Some nice jonquils have popped up.  Such a nice surprise when they do.  We planted some bulbs purchased on a visit to Armidale NSW.  As is it so much hotter here we weren't sure if they would take or not - but they they have just been getting better and better.  Not much scent at all last spring, but quite scented this time round.
However, enough garden talk.  Time to put down the clippers for a while.  Hubby & I are off on another grand adventure.  This time a fly/drive trip to South Australia.  Neither of us have been there before so it will all be new to us.  We have a few ideas of things to do, and a rental car waiting for us at airport, but no real plans.  This seems to work best for us, unplanned and spontaneous.

Transitioning to retirement is such a great phrase isn't it?  I sure my husband rolls that idea around in his head at least a few times a day, lately anyway. He has taken some long service leave, so we don't have a fixed return date, nor any return travel plans, but will be away at least 3 weeks.  I have to add that I am so much younger than him! 

A running joke in our household is that I used to tell our son when he was young my age minus about 10 years.... which was fine until he could do the maths.  Then in one conversation he overhead me saying that I was 5 years younger than my husband.  He piped up with 'well if you are 5 years younger, why is he 10 years older than you?? Oh well it worked for a while.....

Personally I am transitioning to being an empty nester.  Our son will be house and pet minding while we are away.  Although we will be in touch via phone/text (probably more then he would like) I'm finding it easier to think about him leaving home sometime in the near future - if we leave home first. Reverse psychology at play?

cheers for now

September 3, 2014

Today I .......

....continued with my healthy eating program.  I've been reading the I Quit Sugar website and trying to go along with a sugar free September.  Whilst I don't necessarily eat a lot of sugar, it is a real wakeup call to see how much sugar is in just about everything.  Well, most processed goods and (gasp) alcohol.  So I am reading labels and trying to follow the Just Eat Real Food (JERF) strategy.
Big breakfast / lunch of rye toast, some cottage cheese, home grown greens (parsley, baby spinach) with home grown tomatoes and eggs.

Prior to this feast, I had acquainted myself with my new best friend (who am I kidding?).  A kettleball purchased recently (Aldi $8).  I have to say I am surprised how much I am enjoying exercising and following some beginner kettleball exercises found online.  I think 4kg is possibly the lightest kettleball ever made but it still gets heavy after 5 minutes or so.  I remind myself that my son weighed over 4kg as a newborn and I certainly did my share of lifts, squats, bicep curls etc. back then - so this should be a piece of cake.
All part of my new found Spring enthusiasm.  I am alternating this with increasing my daily walk just that little bit further each day.  I'm up to about an hour at the moment.  You see, we are off on another holiday soon which will involve a lot of walking.  Not organised walking, but tourist walking and bush walks.  I think I will to be a bit fitter - our holidays certainly seem to involve a lot of eating!  As long as it's healthy right!?

cheers for now

September 1, 2014

Play on Words

Word of the day is Leaning

From a gardeners' journal ........

I am leaning toward thinking that this year has brought us the best crop of broccoli we have grown for a long time.

From a childs reading book (or maybe an adventure movie)

Look!  The clothes line is leaning!  See Wendy run (not pictured)

With apologies for my weird sense of humour.

cheers for now

August 29, 2014

Spring has Sprung. Apparently.

I think it's a tropical apricot or maybe peach.  It's down in the 'back half'.  The back half of our five acre block which is pretty much left as bush, apart from a few things we have tried to grow over the years.

This tree was one of a few 'tropical' stone fruit trees that we have tried to grow.  However it doesn't fruit very well, but the blossoms are pretty.  For the 5 or so minutes that they are out.  Or so it seems.  I saw it in flower one week.  Intended to take a photo the next week.  Actually went down to take a photo.
and found that only a few of the blossom remained.  Still pretty.
The signs of spring are everywhere.

Our garden has really been producing well.

This was the garden back in April this year 

Plenty of kale and cauliflower and broccoli outside the shadehouse too.  It seems to be quite the season for broccoli - it seems just about every blog I read is proud of their broc.
Everything nice and green. Some nice rain has helped, but more would be nice too. 
I have to wonder though how many more Spring seasons our old girl Angel will see.  She is such a funny dog, always happy.  She has some weird habits though.  She will be 12 in December and has really just started to slow down.  Prematurely grey, she does look a bit older than her years.  Probably a bit  like me after surviving her first TEN few manic years! 

cheers for now 

August 22, 2014

On Anonymity

I should be ironing.  However, I've had this post running around in my head this morning and really thought that I would put it out there.  To the universe.  To the readers of my humble blog.
.... and I have to say that I am always astounded that anyone even reads my ramblings, let alone follows my blog!  Thanks so much for doing so.

My point of this post though, is anonymity and more definitively - blogging under the radar.  I've been blogging now for some 3 years (January 2011 to be precise).  My initial feelings were to blog about my decluttering process.  Ha.  Ha.  It hasn't quite worked out that way.
So, recently I read online of the Problogger Event happening soon on the Gold Coast.... and I realised that I never really want to 'come out' as a blogger.  Just my personal feelings, but I don't want to front up and shout about my blog. I don't want to make money from my blog.  I really like anonymity.  I like that no one really know who I am or where I live.
I have always been a quiet voice on my own blog, as I am in life.  However it has taken me a couple of years to feel comfortable about blogging.  About not having to try too hard.  That people aren't always judgemental, and that over the years I have some online friends who are always there with a comment or a thought.

No one in my family knows that I blog.  I keep it quiet.  I am neither ashamed or overly proud of my blog, it is just a work in progress. I show photos of aspects of my life and our rural lifestyle, and hopefully some decluttering or I will have to change the name!

This was not really intended to be a 'deep and meaningful' post.  However I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately and working on the best way to present it and the thoughts I want to put across.  Maybe this is a start.

How about you?  Do you blog under the radar or are you loud and proud!?

Can I give a shout out too for another blog mummy spits the dummy.  She is actually my niece (and of course she doesn't know I'm mentioning her here) and she is new to blogging.  With post titles such as I was once a paragon of parenting then I had kids and ruined it she is a witty and creative writer.   Just don't tell her that I sent you!

cheers for now