June 17, 2016

A Shot of Orange

This time of year at our place there is always a lot of orange about - just look HERE and HERE.  There's also a lot HERE.
Looking back over these winter posts reminds me that I have been blogging for a while now - over 5 years.  It also reminds me that I should revisit some regular updates - like my walk around the block as things have changed a bit.  Not greatly, but enough to be noticeable if I take a photo update.

I also used to do some weekly regular posts - like Winter Wednesday theme theme.  As winter is so very fleeting in this neck of the woods, I can see that I might be prompted to start this one again.

It will certainly feature a lot of orange.  Would anyone else care to join in?
Also I have been reflecting on how many comments have been left on my blog over the years.  So many kind folk out there.  I have enjoyed a staying and real connection with quite a few. This should prompt me to revitalize the blog and get amongst it again - as I have been more than a little slack in continuity.

So I guess in a very roundabout way I'm getting to the point of saying that I'm here for the long run. My blog started off (in all seriousness) about decluttering.  However over the years it has changed and led me into lots of other interests and insights into other lifestyles and friendships.

I will continue to Instagram as I really enjoy the ease and spontaneity of just putting up one photo with a few words.  There I am heading more into the realm of my retro and thrift interests and I am happy to keep it this way.

In an ideal world I would be living in a light-filled home with mid century furniture with lots of teak - also plenty of  Scandinavian and Australian homewares - featuring orange!   I grew up with lots of happy memories along these lines - hence the name orange_and_teak.  My Instagram page relects these interests.  There is a link on the top right hand side - hopefully it works?!

So thank you for leaving comments along the way.  For some reason I have been unable to leave comments on other blogs lately?!?  I will have to look into this as I have not changed any of my settings on Blogger.  Does anyone else have this problem I wonder?  Maybe I have been cast into the bad corner for not being a frequent blogger.  Hah - and I thought that I passed the robot test - so I will have to investigate. Being able to comment is half the fun isn't it?
These photos were taken in June 2015.  Still waiting for lots more colour to pop at the moment.  Winter is late this year!

So thank you AnneChristina and Sue for leaving a comment - but I was not able to respond on your blogs.  Sue  I was able to comment on your blog!  Joolz thank you, and nice to see you on IG!

Wow - long post from me and lots of links to follow!  Happy times.

cheers Wendy

May 27, 2016


image courtesy www.dreamstime.com

Such a great word isn't it?  Covers a multitude of things.  Including a long absence in blog posts.

If this post has popped up in your reader.... Thank You for not deleting me!  I'm still around, no great dramas so all is good in my world.  This blog will still continue with sporadic posts.

However I have started on Instagram and it seems like a good fit.  It is quick and easy to post photos and add comments.  It's easy to access, view or sign on.

My insta account will focus mainly on my interest in retro and vintage items.  Mainly things that I collect and have already - or buy at op shops etc.... or maybe even declutter!  There will always be some photos from other areas of interest, and around our place.

Please hop on over to ............... orange_and_teak ................ it would be great to see you there!  I chose the name as a throwback to my childhood in the '70s as some of my favourite things are in these two categories.

What are your thoughts on Instagram?  Do you like it - if you are on it, please let me know!
cheers for now

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my bloggy friends a happy and safe Festive Season.  It will be reasonably quiet for us this year - and relatively stressless which is always good.  Off to lunch at rellies, so I'm off the hook! Though I have mananged to get cracking with some brandied fruit from my Mum's retro recipe book. It had to sit in the fridge for a month, but I 've bottled it up for presents and all looking (and smelling) great.

Enjoy the holiday break, stay safe and I look forward to powering on with some more interesting posts in 2016!

cheers for now

November 9, 2015

What's happening - Rainy Day Flowers, Funghi and a Koala!

On a rainy day - a few flowers to brighten the place up a bit!
Lots of hippeastrum, agapanthus & day lillies coming along. 

 These toadstools come and go with the rain and seem to like it in the damp of the chook yard.

I spotted this chap in our back paddock when I was out and about in the rain.  He has been very vocal the last few nights, so I knew he was not too far away.
 He woke up a bit for one photo
 but found it all a bit of an effort ....
That doesn't really look terribly comfortable though!

We are seeing fewer and few koalas every year.  Plant a koala friendly tree if you can - if not in your own back yard, then on a community planting day.  The amount of clearing of their habitat in our immediate area is disturbing.  These guys are very vulnerable.

cheers for now