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April 19, 2015

Just hitting the pause button for a while ......


Oh that's right, the Pause button has been on for a while now.

I've said on several occasions that I'm an erratic blogger.  I think really I'm just a lazy blogger who loves to read and comment on other's blogs!  My apologies.

I will be back soon.  Some major ideas are bubbling away and hopefully next post will be enthusiatic. Summer 2015 has really drained me of ideas.  Bring on some cooler mornings and nights and all will be well!

cheers for now

March 13, 2015

Just some traffic passing by .....

alternate title could be - what I found at the bottom of the garden!
It seems they were just passing through.
A small muster - not sure if that is the right term for a group of 3 peacocks and 1 peahen.
I do not have a very good zoom lens. This was taken looking up to roof of our workshop.
and a view of one on the workshop roof..... and yes there are fairies at the bottom of my garden!

In the morning they had gone  They all appeared quite young, the males had lovely colour but not much plumage.  I think a lot of acreage owners buy these birds thinking they are decorative, not realising that they are difficult to contain in a pen.  However they do make a lot of noise - so I was happy they had moved along.  

Then a few days later I spotted these regulars down past the back gate.
Often we see groups of them on our block.
Quite happy to have them around!

Our trip to Tassie was lovely.  A bit of a break from the hot weather - however it was straight back into the hot humid weather on our return.  At least we missed all of Cyclone Marcia.  
Now waiting for an autumn change sometime soon thanks!

A quick glimpse of our 10 day, 2000k holiday - and what an amazing, diverse State.

cheers for now

February 11, 2015

drumroll please .....

and we have a winner!

Apologies are in order.

Firstly, this is a very quick post.  I am packing, we are off on holiday tomorrow.  Tasmania is the destination.  Nearly made it there last year.

The catchup link is here  if you'd like to see what happened on the way to Tasmania last time.  We didn't get there (long story short) but we are definitely flying off tomorrow for the Apple Isle.
 (from our last road trip to Tasmania!)

Secondly I have drawn the random winner for the prize link to Grow Your Blog.   I used Random Picker which was very easy.  I had to bring the date forward on account of our holiday.

There were 36 entrants ... and the winner -  Debbie1/26/2015 4:53 AM .     

So Debbie could you please email your postal address and I will be mailing to you some vintage hankies and an Australia tea towel which I hope you like.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment.  I hope you keep on reading!

Cheers for now Wendy 

February 6, 2015


If you are looking for the Grow Your Blog link ...... it is here.  Just leave a comment and I will draw random winner on 11 February.
However - this  a gratitude post.

2015 is my year with some weekly gratitude posts.  Keeping it simple might be the way to go for me I think.

Today I am grateful for online friends - and sharing some links.  I have been inspired by these two lovelies - Sue from Living the Good Life and Sue from You Can Call Me Sue to actually make something from all those plums.

The jaboticabas were eaten just as they came from the tree.  However I really wanted to be creative with the box of plums.  

I haven't really had much luck with preserves in the past.  However I decided to soldier on and try it.  By jove I think it worked.

Using this receipe - thanks baby-mac - it was all pretty easy. 

So now that I have had success (all worked out) I will  tackle some other preserves. Certainly we have gluts of fruit and veg at some times of the year.  Chilli jam next I think.

cheers Wendy 


February 2, 2015

and then there were lots ......

This is one jaboticaba

and a gathering of jaboticaba!

if they are not picked promptly they end up on the ground 
and they have a very different growth pattern.  Not a good photo as it was taken after fruit had been picked.  However I have noticed they are often referred to as the grape tree, and often spelt Jabuticaba also.
It's an easy tree to grow, ours is about 6 years old I think.  The main problem is remembering to pick the fruit before other critters get to them, or they fall off the tree. 
We usually just eat jaboticaba raw, but I might investigate a few recipes. 
They are an unusual fruit with a tough skin and an a grape like texture.
Not a lot of flesh with 2 of 3 seeds inside. 

However this picking co-incided with my impulse buy at the markets! 
A big box of blood plums (not sure of variety) for $7!
Another bargain.

So I'll be washing, cooking and maybe even bottling some plums. Plum Jam, Plum Jelly, Plums in port maybe? Personally I just like them lightly poached/stewed with yoghurt. 
Plum Crumble could feature too.

cheers for now
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