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August 22, 2014

On Anonymity

I should be ironing.  However, I've had this post running around in my head this morning and really thought that I would put it out there.  To the universe.  To the readers of my humble blog.
.... and I have to say that I am always astounded that anyone even reads my ramblings, let alone follows my blog!  Thanks so much for doing so.

My point of this post though, is anonymity and more definitively - blogging under the radar.  I've been blogging now for some 3 years (January 2011 to be precise).  My initial feelings were to blog about my decluttering process.  Ha.  Ha.  It hasn't quite worked out that way.
So, recently I read online of the Problogger Event happening soon on the Gold Coast.... and I realised that I never really want to 'come out' as a blogger.  Just my personal feelings, but I don't want to front up and shout about my blog. I don't want to make money from my blog.  I really like anonymity.  I like that no one really know who I am or where I live.
I have always been a quiet voice on my own blog, as I am in life.  However it has taken me a couple of years to feel comfortable about blogging.  About not having to try too hard.  That people aren't always judgemental, and that over the years I have some online friends who are always there with a comment or a thought.

No one in my family knows that I blog.  I keep it quiet.  I am neither ashamed or overly proud of my blog, it is just a work in progress. I show photos of aspects of my life and our rural lifestyle, and hopefully some decluttering or I will have to change the name!

This was not really intended to be a 'deep and meaningful' post.  However I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately and working on the best way to present it and the thoughts I want to put across.  Maybe this is a start.

How about you?  Do you blog under the radar or are you loud and proud!?

Can I give a shout out too for another blog mummy spits the dummy.  She is actually my niece (and of course she doesn't know I'm mentioning her here) and she is new to blogging.  With post titles such as I was once a paragon of parenting then I had kids and ruined it she is a witty and creative writer.   Just don't tell her that I sent you!

cheers for now


August 12, 2014

Taking Stock.02

Another taking stock post - a quick way to catch up with what's been going on around here.

Firstly though - a super moon.  Has it been lovely in your part of the world?  Although I didn't take this photo, I certainly enjoyed the glow last night.  

So what's been happening?

Making: pathetic attempts at crochet granny squares.  Still knitting squares in a variety of patterns.  One day I will crochet together.

Cooking: made chicken parmigiana last night.  Easy leftovers tonight.

Drinking : English Breakfast w skim milk.  Some things are constant.

Reading: Simon Beckett’s new novel Stone Bruises.  Liking it.

Looking: through window at lovely blue sky morning

Deciding: which jobs to tackle first this morning.  Clean windows?

Wishing: that the flu bug hadn’t caught us this winter.  It did - well & truly.

Enjoying :  the wonderful library services we can access online. 

Waiting: for my first try at preserved lemons to be ready.  Thanks Fiona @ Life at Arbordale Farm for the prompt.  Still a few weeks to go.
Liking: lots of eggs our hens are giving us lately.

Wondering: whether any exciting mail awaits at PO Box – or bills?

Loving: my stitching from the lovely Claire @ Sweet Birdy Love.  Just loving it in my kitchen.  My poor photography doesn't capture the beauty.
Pondering:  if I can get back into my regular walking routine soon.

Considering: cleaning windows next week

Watching: Offspring finale.  Big sigh.  I loved this season.  

Hoping:  that our house really is snake-proof.

Marvelling: my husband and I married 8/8/92 and we have just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!

Needing: reassurance that carpet snakes don’t really want to get inside the house!

Smelling: Nothing specific.  Still getting over flu.

Wearing: jeans & cotton peasant top.  Mild day here 22 deg.C

Following: some new blogs  - I’ve added to my bloglovin list + my blog

Noticing: how much plastic is on every product

Knowing: that it is possible to avoid plastic.  Must try harder.

Thinking: about victims MH17 disaster  - National Day of Mourning

Sorting: out my priorities in next few weeks.  Time flying past.

Buying: groceries in bulk where possible.  I think it is working - combined with managing household expenses more strictly.  One wage only goes so far ......

Getting: excited about some travel plans in next 12 months.  Ignore previous comment.

Bookmarking: some new farmers markets to attend soon

Disliking: loud rap music son favours.  Sorry, sound like oldie here!

Opening: Some of those lovely window faced envelopes.

Giggling:  have recently rekindled friendship with 2 old school friends.  We have picked up where we left off many years ago and recently had a girl’s weekend away.  Fabulous time.

Feeling: somewhat better now thanks.  Being sick is no fun.

Snacking: stewed apple, plain yogurt & cinnamon.  Yum.

Coveting: Virginia @ Ock Du Spock's garden!  Serious Garden Envy.

Wishing:  we really could do with some rain. 

Helping: our household budget by being more aware of what we buy

Hearing: washing machine competing with old 70’s song on radio - Joy to the World –Three Dog Night: {Jeremiah was a bullfrog - Was a good friend of mine ....}

cheers for now

PS - has any one else noticed that there are 5 Sundays in August this year?

August 6, 2014

This Time of Year

Ahh.  The simple things in life.
a little gathering from the veggie garden, including a bouquet of greens.  Kale, silverbeet and parsley.
 Some lovely tomatoes at last.... it's been a while.

Flavour of the day - on rice biscuits with cottage cheese and avocado - with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!

a few small pumpkins which have been very sweet indeed.

My favourite (and it seems, only) flowers at the moment. Nasturtiums.
Then there is this......... the warmer weather means that carpet snakes think it must be time to make a move. Maybe a spot in the sun somewhere whilst deciding on dinner material.  Just stay away from my hens big fella!  

There is definitely merit in having the house safely screened (I hope)!!

Cheers for now

July 25, 2014

Self Appointed Slack Blogger Award!

Yes it's true - I am a slack blogger.  It is almost the end of July and no post update.

Probably for the following reasons :-
  • I have taken a whole lot of photos to include here - but cannot find the cable link thingy for my camera.  I guess I could re-take some on my phone - but haven't.
  • I have a huge case of blog envy and spend way too much time reading other much more interesting blogs.
  • I have taken to online shopping in a big way and spend way too much time looking.  Just looking, and sometimes buying.
  • Not really an excuse - but the weather here at the moment is just glorious and I've been spending time outside enjoying it.  Not gardening so much as just enjoying it.
  • I'm learning to crochet.  Not succeeding very well.  Even after a lesson, even after many youtube tutorials, and viewing many online how-to's.  Being left handed isn't really an excuse, I just can't get my head around it...... and it looks so easy.
  • My husband has just bought a saxophone.  No, he has no previous experience (in anything musical).  Yes he is having lessons.  Yes, he does practice.   A lot.  I am very proud of him for tackling it.  Not so proud of myself wearing headphones
  • I knit a lot.  Still only squares which I am hoping to crochet together one day.
  • I read a lot too - have just finished Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod.  A good read.
  • Have taken advantage of some cheap interstate flights.  Planning some trips.
Not really meaning to sound despondent or desperate!  Just telling it how it is at the moment.

For no other reason than some photos of laundry trolley I've added a nostalgic one of our boy (now 19). Just loving the spider watch gadget!  I had forgotten all about that one.

So .... any other recipients of  the Slack Blogger Award out there?  I'd be happy to pay it forward!!

cheers for now

June 27, 2014

June in focus - lots of orange and green

Our lovely orange trumpet vine has survived another year!  Back here I mentioned the last of the winter vine for the second time. 

Another year has rolled around and it is turning into more of a monolith it seems!  The tree it is covering is long dead if we remove the vine we (or he, dear husband) will have to remove the tree too.
and there's plenty of green in the choko vine, citrus trees - plus a rather petite green frog I spotted.  I couldn't believe it, we don't get many frogs these days, mainly cane toads.   This guy was so cute.
Cannot believe that it is July next week!  Hopefully July will see the rewards coming through in our veggie garden too.

By the way, there's some retro orange featured in some of the homeware I'm selling over at vintage_declutter at the moment too, with more to come!


cheers for now