March 26, 2012

Objects of my Affection - revisited

Lately I've been thinking that since I started this blog I have been looking very judgementally  (and rightly so) around the house for things that I can declutter.  All a bit negative.

As a bit of light relief, the purpose of these posts is to appreciate the things that I do enjoy having around me.  Not because of $$ value, but just because they are special to me for whatever reason.

Please feel free to join in.

This is a medium sized electric clock which used to sit on my parent's bedside table.  I think it would be from about 1960's at a guess, maybe earlier.

It is reliable (depending on power supply!) and quiet.  It is dignified and hold many memories for me.  Another object of my affection.

cheers for now - Wendy

March 22, 2012

There's a lot of this happening

photo from here 

in Queensland at the moment.  Lots more up north, but here in the South East corner we are having a lot of it as well.  Hope you are coping ok if there is plenty of precipitation in your neck of the woods.

We are luckily not in a flood situation, but can occasionally have some flash flooding on local roads in a particularly big downpour.  Apparently that may (or may not) be happening later today.  We'll see.

I really don't mind as I'm happily ensconced at home today on my day off.  Doing some decluttering (yes really) sorting out lots of home office work.  Time will tell how much actually gets done.  It's such a nice day for reading.......

cheers for now

March 8, 2012

We can produce

..... tamarillos at least -- and plenty more still on the trees.  I wrote here  about our tamarillo trees.  They are doing very well at this time of year.

Not much else in the produce department at the moment. 
 It's been too hot, too wet, too humid.  Even the egg production has slowed.
 However, tamarillos have been so very easy to grow
 I must try some of the tempting sounding tamarillo recipes I've seen online.

. Not quite as colourful as the ones in the shops, but taste pretty darn good.

Maybe I should have altered the photos to be more like this one, then they wouldn't look so anaemic!

cheers for now

Thanks for all the peahen comments.  Kim I love the idea of giving the peacock a mirror.  Surely the female of the species is more intelligent.... and maybe not so vain!

March 1, 2012

Feathered friend of a different variety

Isn't she pretty?  Our new(ish) addition to the family.  She wandered in (must have heard about the good conditions here) and settled in quite nicely thanks very much.

I've heard that peacocks are wanderers and have asked about the place and advertised, but no one seems to have missed her.

She looks funny out grazing with the other hens!  She seems to be quite fond of our little bantam rooster too ... hmm.  She has already gone broody and sat on some eggs for a few weeks - to no avail!  They are large eggs about the size of large duck eggs.

I've heard too that they are quite noisy, but that is probably the male - as usual.  She does have a funny call, but we aren't too close to neighbours, so they don't seem to mind.  For me, it is a bit of an alarm clock - right when I should be waking at 5am.

cheers for now

thanks for all the comments - good to know there's someone out there!