June 14, 2011

Nice time to be in the garden

Easy growing winter veggies - low maintenance, the type we like!

When will our rhubarb change colour?    This was planted from a corn last year so I'm guessing it might take a couple of seasons?


A busy week this week - the highlight being a sleepover for the 16th birthday boy of last week.  However, what was I thinking agreeing to e i g h t friends??  That would be 9 sixteen year old boys/boy-men here overnight!  Eeeeek.

The main event of course will be the State of Origin football that night.   So I'm guessing it will be the same as last year - just keep the food supply going and they are happy!  I'm even planning on making a cake which is a bit adventurous of me as I'm not a great baker.  Will let you know how it all goes.

Oh - by the way - the low techno geek that I am, I've just edited the style of my world map on the sidebar.  In doing so, I somehow seem to have taken off all the existing blogger visits!  If your place has been wiped off the map, I apologise, but if you visit again it should show up.  

So if  my world looks a little lonely at the moment - I'm hoping things will pick up soon.

Cheers for now - Wendy


librarygirl said...

yes, my rhubarb is persistently green and a bit floppy - wonder if the soil is too heavy here...

Ali said...

Lol, I'm keeping up the visits! I love your cabbage, it looks a bit further along than mine... have you grown it before? I am skeptical of being able to get a good sized one.

9 big boys hey... my goodness. I'm going to start building in under my house now...

**Anne** said...

Your veges look fantastic. Too shady where we live to grow any winter veges. :( Is the rhubarb the green variety rather than the red? I have a green one growing somewhere.
Good luck with the cake and birthday sleepover. Lots of food and they'll be happy as you say. An 18th birthday party happening here this Saturday evening too, so I understand why your week will be busy.
Anne xx

Judith said...

Great veges, mine are so tiny in comparison. Have fun with the party.

Bruise Mouse said...

My goodness. Your garden is truly thriving at the moment.
I'm sure the party will go well. With State of Origin they will be kept busy for quite a while.

Shaheen said...

Your brassicas are doing fantastic. I grew a number of brassica plants last year and all were ravaged by the white cabbage butterfly.

duchess_declutter said...

LG - Maybe it is our soil too - I'll have to do some research.

Ali - yes we've grown it before, but they are looking pretty good this year. Not eaten out by the white butterfly grubs for a change!

Anne - ahh there's a green variety? That could be the problem, but I'll have to do a little research maybe. All the best for your party too, you've been busy lately with birthdays!

Judith - thanks, things are looking good at the moment anyway!

Bruise Mouse - yes it does look good. These are the best kind of winter vegies for us here.

Shaheen - thanks for your comment. You have been very busy on your new allotment. It won't be long until you have it thriving I'm sure. We normally have a big loss to the cabbage butterfly too - for some reason they have abstained this time!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I am pretty sure you just have the Green variety of Rhubarb. It will taste the same but will not turn red. Great garden photos.

Fi said...

Must get some veges planted even though I never have much luck with them. Some horrible little creature always nibbles the tops off them :(

Hope the sleepover went to plan and the boys didn't eat you out of house and home :)