February 27, 2012

Quick Post

I have been having trouble with my little blog.  Not sure what I've done to it.  I didn't think that I had been treating it badly, but it is upset with me for some reason.

This will be my third attempt at posting in the last few weeks.  I can see the posts, but it seems that no one else can...... talk about being private!

Anyhoo - I'll try and publish this one and see how it goes.  Hopefully Blogger will like me today.

cheers Wendy

PS - this is my poor photography skills showing a cute little frog on our washing line recently. 


dreamer said...

Looks like Blogger is playing today :)Love the colour of that frog, very exotic.

duchess_declutter said...

oh thanks Dreamer - there is someone out there!

**Anne** said...

I SEE YOU!! :) Cute frog!
Anne xx

Kim said...

Yes I can see your blog and the cute frog!

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Anne and Kim - that's good to hear! Can you see the previous post with the Kingfisher?

Angela said...

Good to read to post- and wow! I love your frog. The kingfosher is gorgeous too!
Lenten Blessings x

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hello again. Gotta love blogger.