August 15, 2013

I know I'm a sporadic blogger but this is ridiculous ...

I know I'm not a very regular blogger these days, but I just popped in to say that I'm going to be even more sporadic / not at all in the next month or two.

We are going on an extended driving trip.  Husband has taken 5 weeks long service leave and is keen to hit the road.
So..... at the moment the plan is to drive to Tasmania.  Yes, I know - long way from our little ponderosa in south east Queensland.


However as the current weather forecast is pretty miserable, and I'm not a particularly good sea traveller at the best of times, we may be changing this as we go.  The ferry is the only booking we have made, the rest will be spontaneous. As there currently seems to be a cold front including rain/snow/sleet it probably isn't the best time to head south.

So I'm not really sure where we will end up, as we are able to change the ferry booking if it all looks like it will be too much.  Our bags are packed and we are heading off tomorrow regardless!

We will be back approximately mid-September and I hope to catch up with everyone then.

cheers for now

August 3, 2013

Afternoon Shadows

I'd been reading Anne's post about her lovely garden and visiting kookaburra.  I just ducked outside for a moment to collect some mandarins and spotted these visitors in the late afternoon shadows.
Can you see them?
a bit closer
Regular as clockwork about this time of day.  They are obviously aware that we are a Land for Wildlife property and have seen the sign at our front gate~

However, not so pleased to see this guy one night during the week - and not too far from our back door.  I think it could be the one we spotted recently on back verandah.... but what do I know, they all look similar!
He has obviously been out hunting since we saw him last judging by the big bump mid-section.
...... and yes I have counted that we still have all our hens!  I'm guessing it may be an unlucky small possum or bird.
cheers for now