July 30, 2013

Home grown industry

I guess everyone would like to grow or source their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

However, that is not always possible and we have to buy fresh or tinned goods.  Where possible, I always look for Australian grown items, but that is getting more and more difficult to find.  More are more items I look at are imported.

So I'd like to direct anyone who cares about Australian farmers and the survival of home grown industry over to Rhonda's recent posts on supporting local products and read how you can help keep Australian farmers going.

Specifically SPC Ardmona, currently petitioning the Australian Productivity Commission to place tariffs on imported tinned tomatoes and fruits over the next 200 days.

Please read the article and sign the petition - and pass it on!

cheers for now

July 18, 2013

That game of football last night?

What a game.  That's all that's needs to be said.
Maroons celebrate with the State of Origin shield
from here

Apologies to those who aren't interested in rugby league, but last night Qld (Maroons) took on NSW (Blues) to make it a eight straight series victory.  Awesome.

The two males of the house went off in seperate directions to watch it at respective mates' places.  Yes, it's a bit of a blokey thing I know, but I just love the State of Origin series.  So I sat at home with my knitting and thorougly enjoyed it (pity about the streaker).

In other news ... we scored a lovely fireguard at a garage sale a few weeks back.
Not that we get much of a chance to use our fire here in Queensland!!

cheers for now

July 10, 2013

About this time last year .....

I asked the rhetorical question - is this the last of the winter vine?
However, the monolith still looms!

 Cannot decide whether it is because we love it when it blooms, or we're just too lazy to chop it down!
However, this time of year, the orange-ness is always appreciated!

Cheers for now

July 1, 2013

So retro

Keep your eyes on the prize.  That gorgeous retro stool
which used to look like this when we picked it up from a roadside collection spot.  Unwanted.
No - not that gorgeous (tacky)  flooring which has been on our floor since we bought the house back in 1991.  Actually it has possibly been on the floor since the house was built in 1980.

I guess I could have been creative and done something with it myself in my own amateur fashion.  However I bit the bullet and decided to get these two chairs professionally reupholstered.

Silly me - no before photos of them, even though they have been in my possession for a long time.  Came from my uncle's estate.  Think cream vinyl.  Not in bad condition, but since we had moved them out into the lounge I decided to get them fixed up all fancy.  I loved this fabric as soon as I saw the sample.  It is Warwick 'Gillespie Berry'.  Love it.
Dexter can look - but not touch!

We are really happy with the result, my local upholsterer did a great job - and said I could throw in the stool to the package - so I was even happier! 

Apologies for the bad photos - taken on my iphone at night.  Probably not a good idea.

... and the chairs fit in well with this chair that I wrote about back in 2011.

I've jumped on the Bloglovin stand - not really sure how it all works, but time will tell!

cheers for now