July 27, 2011

It's an Orange Winter Wednesday

There is something about winter and the colour orange in Queensland!  I spotted this gorgeous hedge of orange trumpet vine.  Not in my backyard, but when I was out and about on a walk.
 Isn't it just beautiful.  The fall is so luxurious, the colours so vibrant.  
 What is is with the colour orange that has such a happy feel about it?  
When I went back with my camera to take these shots, I also spotted something unusual in a front yard.  A pair of  Bush Stone Curlews.  

While not uncommon in these parts (we often hear their haunting call at night) I've not seen them during the day before.  I can only imagine that they were somehow disturbed in the nocturnal foraging. 
 I took a few photos and wished them well, not wanting to disturb them too much.
Or maybe they were just basking in the glow of all that orange-ness!
That was my Winter Wednesday morning.  How is it with all who participate in Hazel's Winter Wednesday theme.  Cold and wet perhaps??  :))  Sorry - couldn't resist that one!


My replies to your comments on the previous post

Daffodil  - sounds kind of cosy to me!  I enjoy a cold wet day sometimes - maybe not for too long though!

Nelly - it is nice at the moment.  Can't say I'm looking forward to those long hot days ahead of us.

delia hornbook - thanks Dee.  I find it amazing that this is probably the first time I have taken photos of our surrounds.  It is lovely to have done it now.

Ali - yes, we certainly are lucky at the moment.  Bit dry though, hope we get some rain before the Ekka and those westerly winds.

**Anne** - I just love the big gums the most too.  Once they are gone they won't be replaced, and so many animals and birds make use of them. 

saving for travel - I look forward to seeing your photos too SFT.  It will be interesting to see the difference!

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - I often think about Tasmania - particularly when it is so hot here!   Not so sure about the depths of winter though!

Little Blue Mouse - thanks for commenting.  I'm hoping that I'll be organized enough with my photos - we'll see! 


cheers for now - Wendy


HAZEL said...

I loved your post...until the last comment. What is it about Queenslanders that they just have to rub it in? LOL. Love the orange...Winter is all about yellow down here...the wattles are bursting out everywhere...another post I think. Thanks for joining in, or gracious Duchess.

veggiegobbler said...

The orange looks beautiful. And I'm with Hazel - stop your gloating! My toes are little ice blocks this morning.

**Anne** said...

The orange flowers are gorgeous and warming me up on a very chilly Victorian morning. Ice on the car this morning as I took Genevieve to school. At least we are seeing the sun today.
Anne xx

sophie...^5 said...

Oh my..the trumpet vine blooms are splendiferous. I planted one years ago and it managed to survive about 5 summers and then died out, such is North Atlantic Maritime life. I will gaze at yours so I can see what it truly should look like.

Phoebe said...

WOW! I have never seen it in a hedge before! Looks FANTASTIC! I love the colour ornage. My teenage bedroom was a similar colour and I loved it! Its so warm and energising!

Tania @ Out Back said...

That orange takes my breath away. Simply beautiful, thank you for sharing...

Ali said...

Hee hee, not cold and wet here - oh wait, we are BOTH in Qld... ahh the sunshine... and lack of rain hey.

I have seen those birds before, thanks for giving them a name. The ones I saw pretended to be hurt, and I realised it was trying to distract me from its babies. Just lovely, I felt very David Attenborough.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing hedge, I've never seen one quite like it, though I can't say that orange is the colour of Winter in Melbourne. This morning was the coldest morning in three years, but I have noticed the blossom on the neighbours fruit trees so at least I know spring is coming.

hearts_in_asia said...

Woah, that is one seriously impressive hedge!

Rose said...

You don't get a hedge like that in summer, now that is Winter!

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

Yet another series of terrific photos to brighten up my gray morning. Keep 'em coming !

angela said...

the orange looks magnificent! Its like the sun has melted all over the plants and I feel that if I stood next to it I would be warm all the way through my bones.

Claire said...

Just looking at that orange hedge, makes me feel like I am getting my daily dose of Vitamin C..........Isn't it glorious.

Love the pics of the Curlews too.

Interesting to see pics of Winter at the opposite ends of the country.

Claire :}

librarygirl said...

all that orange is just beautiful - warms me up a lot!