July 7, 2011

Vegetable Garden Self-Imposed Invention Test

Thought it might be interesting to see what I could make just from our garden and took the opportunity last night.  A certain football match was on, a little get-together between Qld and New South Wales.  A game that Qld won 24-14!   Yay Qld - is it a State Holiday today?

This event was so big that apparently both the males of the house had to be in the company of other males to watch that particular football game.  Some sort of tribal bonding I think.  I was quite happy to be home alone, watching the game and cooking.

So I challenged myself to cook a meal just from what I found in the garden - and this is the result.
 I used part of everything here - except the strawberry which wasn't ripe but I had to rescue it from the Creatures of the Night who have managed to chomp into some other large strawberries.
 Clockwise - broccoli, cabbage, jap pumpkin, mixed lettuce leaves, mandarins, silverbeet, rainbow chard,  eggs, chives, coriander, sweet chilli, komato, strawberry, parsley, lemonade, sweet potato

So it was a meal for one (quite a big meal).  I could have easily stretched it to feed the 3 of us I think - maybe using more cabbage and broccoli.  Only used 2 of the 3 eggs and the only additional ingredients were some garlic and a bit of oil for the omelette.  
 I chopped the sweet potato and pumpkin and added some coriander,  silver beet and  rainbow chard.  Then I added the juice of one mandarin - sealed it in alfoil and into the oven.  It was delicious and now I'm keen to try more with the juice.  

Having just read Muppys post on this dish, I'm wondering if I might try something similar but with mandarin juice instead of milk.  What do you think Muppy?   

The dark tomato is a kumato.  I cooked a few slices in the omelette as well as raw.  I've just planted some more tomatoes so I hope they take off - in the shops the other day were $9 a kg!!

The large yellow fruit is a lemonade.  Lovely and mild, not as tart as lemon, I mixed it with the other mandarin for a juice.  Thought I might have invented a new drink, but we didn't have any vodka which would have made it even more interesting!

I've recently had a look funkyfrontyardfarmersfriends and it was certainly a prompt to challenge myself to try and see what I could make.  Certainly it is encouraging to know that I can at least compile one meal - and interesting to see how this could be expanded. 


Personally, since I've started my blog, it has really made me look around and maybe open my eyes and appreciate it all just a little more!  From the blue skies to the nasturtiums, it is amazing what is around and so easily taken for granted. 

I'd like to sincerely thank those of you who read my humble blog and your comments have been so very encouraging. Welcome too new follower Cathy - which takes it up to 30 - amazing.  Thanks so much!  

Oh - and don't stress -  I will get around to decluttering  again one day soon!

Cheers for now - Wendy

My reply to your comments on previous post

muppy  - thanks they are lovely - except in bushfire season lol.

Fi  - I love those sort of guilt-free days!  Hoping your feeling better soon.

delia hornbook - I know what you mean, it does seem a little topsy turvey.

Rose  - Hi Rose.  Witty comments are always welcome here! 

saving for travel - I just wish I could knit socks!  Going to tackle that next after I finish my current knitting project. 

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - I can only imagine how cold it would be in Tassie at the moment! 


veggiegobbler said...

Fantastic! I wish I had something to harvest from my garden at the moment - I am jealous.

saving for travel said...

You are so clever making that delicious meal. We do grow veggies but don't have such a great range of produce as you do.

Sft x

Kim said...

Isn't it an amazing feeling when you didn't go to the shop for any of it!!! Every now and then we achieve this, and it is awesome when you can do it!! It all looks so yummy too!That is so much better than watching a footy match.
So glad you found the funky frontyard farmers's friends...hope you join up . It is what is all about ...making yourself step up to a challenge. once you write about something on the world wide web, you sort of feel you really can't get out of it- and with gardening that's a really good thing.
kim http://thelittleblackcowblog

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

Wow, such colour and variety. My veggie garden is a sad state of affairs. I miss summer, I miss tomatoes. Your meal looked very toothsome and lush.

Lyndel said...

oh prettier than a bunch of flowers! well done you.

muppy said...

I have to confess I have a terrible fear of bushfires, think it came from childhood.
Thanks for the lovely mention. I have not really used mandarin in cooking, but i love the look of your veges, And everything that came out of your garden, my vege patch is a little neglected :(
Funny thing is I am actually trying a dish tonight with mandarins, hopefully it is delicious. My little mandarin tree is so full its amazing!

Leontien said...

Ok maybe silly me, but I really liked your dish but i kinda missed the meat! haha
I know i know...

Thanks for sharing though and it is amazing you get such nice products out of your garden!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Did you really grow that big cabbage, it all looks so good! That's a meal fit for a KING!. It's been good to have a catch up on your blog this evening, yes and it is late this evening!!! Good idea about the comments, Apple crumble looks just delicious and I LOVE the colour Orange!

Karen :)

Fi said...

You did well! Slugs have dealt to my vege patch. I'm NOT impressed :(

Margaret said...

This dish is amazing. I've been so busy this summer I have not taken advantage of the fresh produce. I'm going to the fresh market soon. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog... It was heart warming. :)