July 5, 2011

Orange seems to be the colour of the month

I have noticed an abundance of orange lately
 Still lots of mandarins ... and  orange trumpet vine (info source Burke's Backyard)

This will be the last season for our vine which would be over 10 years old.  Orange trumpet vine is spectacular at this time of year in a lot of Queensland gardens I think.

Ours has been lovely, but past its best and the tree it grows on will be taken down soon.  Too close to the house and too messy.  I do like the shot of it peeping out as seen from the front driveway.
For those who are interested - today's vase was a recent op shop purchase - $1!


My reply to comments on previous post 

Judith  - I did enjoy that particular post and indeed the whole blog.  She just mentioned a piano recital in the last para of Teenager parties.  What a lovely lifestyle!... . .. and I'd love to make rhubarb crumble if we ever get any jolly rhubarb!

Nelly said... hmmm the taste?  the apples were granny smith unsweetened and the crumble texture certainly turned out very crumbly.  I liked the addition of the toasted pine nuts and almond and will probably try that again.

Daffodil  - it was nice, but why just dream of it?   easy to make or are you avoiding any of the ingredients.  Actually, I'm guessing that you are just really busy? ...

delia hornbook  - I think the ginger really did it for me, I will have to use it again.  Hope your Mum tries it!  I would probably suggest more ginger (powdered or raw) in her case!...

Shaheen  - rhubarb crumble again!  I will have to buy some as ours just isn't growing.  I have to admit to not having tried rhubarb this way .   

saving for travel - I can imagine that muesli crumble would be Delicious!  Must try that also.

librarygirl  - Forget the crumble, I'm just pleased you read and enjoyed that book!   I'll miss your frequent posts while you are on hols.  Enjoy.


Lyndel said...

oh pretty orange colours again, and another pretty blue vase. I picked Winter Roses today (hellebores) I should post a photo.

Judith said...

Love that vase - especially with the orange flowers. Lucky you finding it for $1

saving for travel said...

Love the vase, amazing find for $1! The flowers look beautiful in it.

Super photos too. More please!

Sft x