June 24, 2011

About that dish ...

In an earlier post, I featured this little dish which brought forward a few comments.
There is a story to this little dish, but it's not very complicated.  I happened upon the set at local thrift shop.  It had been marked down from $35 to $15.

I had a look at the brand (Alfred Meakin, made in England, Marigold design) and handed over my $15.  When I came home and googled, I found a similar set on ebay which I consequently watched until it sold for $78!
So, although I have heaps of other things I should be doing, and lots of other things of my own which I should be selling. .... this is just going to be a little experiment to see what it sells for when I do eventually put some more things on ebay.   
 Let's face it, it's less money than playing with the stock market, more classy than betting on the pokies (neither or which I do anyway) and just a little fun way to make some pocket money.    The set is so sweet though I am tempted to keep it ...... but I won't!
I hope to get a lot of things sorted in the next few weeks.  This equates to some decluttering (yes really!) and lots of listings on ebay.  It turns out that I might have some extra time on my hands.  More about that later.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Cheers for now - Wendy

June 22, 2011

Winter Wednesday Theme

Linking up with Hazel for my take on a wintery theme.  Here in South East Queensland we are very spoilt and enjoy cool mornings (it was 5 deg.C) here this morning.  Gorgeous balmy days (19 deg.C today I think or thereabouts).

The fun part though is that it is definitely cool enough for a fire, which is something we all look forward to at night.  Being on 5 acres, there are always trees that need trimming or removing, so we always have wood sawn up and stockpiled for winter.

Say hello to our (oh my goodness that does look rustic!)  fireplace.  It is fairly old.  We have been in the house nearly 20 years and the fireplace was here when we bought it.  It was made locally and called a Maleny Hot Drum.  I believe they are still being made in Maleny.

In that length of time we have replaced the flue and repainted the fireplace many times. Looks like it is ready for some treatment!  The big cast iron kettle is kept full of water to keep some moisture in the air.  It weighs a ton but we have never made tea from it!  It was a present from friends when we first moved here.

So that it one of my favourite parts of winter here.  The novelty of having a roaring fire!  How is winter treating you at the moment?

Cheers for now - Wendy

June 21, 2011

About some Baking and Drooling

Well I thought I'd try Anne's Lemon Coconut slice  and it certainly was quick and easy!  I am not the type of person to quickly whip up a cake.  Although I love love love reading cook books and cooking blogs, my  actual cooking style leaves a bit to be desired.  Actually more baking skills I think.
 So this slice was a real hit.  It was certainly soft and tasty, and despite the fact that I had run out of caster sugar and used brown sugar instead (that's the sort of cook I am) the recipe was very forgiving and it still turned out well.   I will most certainly be using it again, particularly during citrus season.

Photo artfully arranged.  I don't always have afternoon tea like this - maybe with visitors.  However, just as an aside - whatever happened to Splayds?  I happen to be a real fan and think that they are a great implement.  What do others think?  Have you ever used a splayd or do you own a set?

The only items today from home produce was the lousy looking but very juicy lemon and two eggs.  Our chooks are on the 'go slow' again and some days there are no eggs at all.  However, I do have a few at hand luckily.  I couldn't use much of the lemon rind though - my poor lemon tree has only yielded three lemons to date, and is suffering from sooty mould.  So I will have to attend to that in due course (which translates to 'pretty low on the priority list').
Higher on the priority list, in fact the very next cake I'm going to bake will be Ali's Whole Orange Cake which looks scrummy too.  There are certainly plenty of oranges and mandarins in our orchard at the moment I'm definitely on the citrus trail.

I have also tried out Gooseberry Jam's Plain Cake recipe.  In fact I baked 4 at once!  If you know my baking prowess you would be suitably impressed.  I know that my family were.  I then proceeded to transform 3 of those Plain Cakes into this amateurish mess  masterpiece for son's 16th.  If you squint through the alfoil glare, you may be able to make out numeral 16.   Plus I even have one more cake to spare in the freezer for further eating pleasure.  I must say GB it is certainly a handy recipe to have and to vary.
We went to see Mark Seymour on the weekend on the Gold Coast.  Oh so Fabulous.  It was a small theatre with table seating and we had great seats.  Luckily the hubster was there to stop me throwing myself on the stage which was so close - only about 1 metre away.   I did take some photos on my phone, but they are way too pitiful to show.  I have been a long time fan and he just has a new album out at the moment.

Highly recommended.  Also just so nice to have a weekend away together, and to see some live music!  Managed to catch up with friends on Friday on the way to the Coast and enjoy a dinner party.  A neat weekend with beautiful weather as a plus.

Cheers for now Wendy

June 20, 2011

Quick post and giveaway winner

Sorry, but just a fleeting visit today.  I wanted to get organised and draw the winner for the Vintage Pillowslips.  So without further ado delia hornbook is the lucky winner.  Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, and I'm sorry that I don't have a swag of these to send to you all.  However, the pillowslips will soon be winging their way to Delia.  Delia could you contact me (scrapwendy@gmail.com)  to let me know your postal address.

We had a busy weekend away and I am just catching up with things at home today. Hope that everyone had a great weekend, it was certainly lovely weather here.  I plan to write a more complete post tomorrow.

our bamboo grove

Cheers for now Wendy

June 16, 2011

Vintage Pillow Slips - Giveaway!

This matching pair of pillowslips have been in my possession for a long time.  I originally bought them in a little antique shop in Paddington, Brisbane about 30 years ago!  I'm not sure exactly how old they are, but I guess it places me well and truly into my age bracket.

However, let's assume that they at least are 50+ years old.  The material is very soft and the hand stitching is so delicate.  The lace webbing, hand crocheted very finely and measures 8cm.    I doubt they have been used much, I certainly haven't used them.  They have been resting quite comfortably in my linen cupboard for quite a while!  They really are lovely and my photos don't really do them justice.

However, because I want to be particularly honest, I do have to say that there are a couple of very minor flaws (holes) in the lace webbing.  Nothing that couldn't easily be cobbled, and justifiable considering the age of the material.  A couple of light age spots which might bleach out.  The last photo shows the lacework more closely.

Considering their age, they are in lovely condition and would suit a variety of decors.   The reason I am giving all these details is that I've decided to do a GIVEAWAY!

So in this shameless way, I'm encouraging you to be part of my humble blog and there are four ways to be in the running for these lovely pillowslips:

 1.  Leave a comment = 1 chance
2.  Leave a comment + become a follower (sad I know, but I do love to have Followers!) = 2 chances
3.  Leave a comment + if you are already an existing follower (currently 27 - thanks -  take an extra point) = 3 chances
4.  Any of the above + link to your blog if you have one = 4 chances!

I'll close the draw Monday 20 June  9am EST and pick a name out of the hat soonafter.  I'm happy to send these off  internationally.

Cheer for now - Wendy

June 14, 2011

Nice time to be in the garden

Easy growing winter veggies - low maintenance, the type we like!

When will our rhubarb change colour?    This was planted from a corn last year so I'm guessing it might take a couple of seasons?


A busy week this week - the highlight being a sleepover for the 16th birthday boy of last week.  However, what was I thinking agreeing to e i g h t friends??  That would be 9 sixteen year old boys/boy-men here overnight!  Eeeeek.

The main event of course will be the State of Origin football that night.   So I'm guessing it will be the same as last year - just keep the food supply going and they are happy!  I'm even planning on making a cake which is a bit adventurous of me as I'm not a great baker.  Will let you know how it all goes.

Oh - by the way - the low techno geek that I am, I've just edited the style of my world map on the sidebar.  In doing so, I somehow seem to have taken off all the existing blogger visits!  If your place has been wiped off the map, I apologise, but if you visit again it should show up.  

So if  my world looks a little lonely at the moment - I'm hoping things will pick up soon.

Cheers for now - Wendy

June 10, 2011

Winter Wednesday Theme

Well I know it's Friday, not Wednesday, but it's been a bit of a busy week.  So, rather than miss out I'm posting my Winter themed photo now.

Hazel has a lovely Winter Wednesday theme on her blog which I'd encourage you to join.  I think it's a nice way of sharing the different kinds of winters we are involved in - some more extreme than others! 
I took this photo just 10 minutes ago - beautiful clear blue skies after a cold and gloomy day yesterday.

Thought I'd get the firewood in early as have a busy afternoon today. Our winters here in Qld are not extreme by any means (I know what you're going to say you Southeners! I know!).

However, even after all these years of having a fireplace, it's still a bit of a thrill to be able enjoy a fire on a cool night.

Cheers for now - Wendy

June 9, 2011

Well there has been a little bit of

Decluttering?  If you can call it that!  One husband, one chainsaw and one big mess!  We had a grove of black bean trees which were lovely, but getting too big and too close to the vegie garden.  Too much shade so some of the trees had to go.  Oh and while you're there ... a few golden cane palms removed too thanks.

Op-Shopping.  Did I really need these?  No, but I loved this set on sight and grabbed it at a bargain price.  Didn't really know much about it till I did some research.  It's Roydon brand, Aztec design.  Made in NZ in the 60's and part of the Crown Lynn family.

Somehow the plates just seemed to settle in straight away with my other mis-matched everyday set.  I've decided to split the set and just keep the plates and will put the rest on ebay.  I really really don't need more cups and saucers.
It was interesting to compare the sizes of the breakfast bowls.  Unfortunately I didn't take a comparison photo, but modern plates are about twice the size! They are in the snap above with the whole set.  Shows how serving sizes have changed I think.
Our gorgeous boy turned 16 today!  He is in the middle of Yr 11 exams and luckily had a day off school today with a study day, so we managed to squeeze in a nice Thai lunch and obtaining his driving L's!  Shock horror, don't know how we going to survive the next 12 months till he gets his licence.  Still, he's a great kid and we're so proud of him.  As every parent knows, it seems no time at all since he looked like this.  Now there are whiskers sprouting on that cute little dimpled chin.

Cheers for now  - Wendy

June 1, 2011

1st Day of Winter!

Now I do realize that Queenslanders have an easier time of winter than many other parts of Australia.  As well as a lot of other parts of the world.  However, can I just say that I really love winter!  It gets a bad rap from many, and in its defence I would like to say the following:
  • Winter clothes are so much more stylish (not talking tracky dacks and ugg boots here).
  • Winter time is a much nicer for cuddling (I'm just saying..)
  • It's great to be out in the garden on a crisp day with bright blue skies.
  • Not so much mowing needed around the yard.
  • Winter veggies are easier to grow - and lots of great recipes for soups.
  • There seems to be so much more to do on the weekends -  markets,  ag.shows  etc.
  • NRL Football.  Winter is also State of Origin time.  Go Qld!
So that's just a couple of the positves of winter.  What are some of yours?

I've been prompted to this  after reading Hazel's Winter Wednesdays post and also Veggiegobbler's  Five things to Love About Winter.  All different aspects of winter. I'm sure there are plenty more out there.

And the mandarin citrus arrangement?  This was prompted by Gooseberry Jam's lovely idea.  Isn't hers' just gorgeous.  Mine is a wee bit tame I think, but it was certainly something I'd never tried before.  I've been inspired to try other arrangements now too.   I'm grateful too for her comment on using a heavy based pot!  It is rather top heavy. 

If you click on my photo, you may well see this in the background.  Isn't this how most dogs spend their days??

cheers for now Wendy