July 29, 2011

7 things I have learned this week

I'm glad that the previous orange post brought a warm glow to those in the colder parts of winter.  Your comments certainly brightened my day.  Thanks for all the lovely comments.   Great to see some new readers and also some new followers! 

Now for my 7 things ....

Hazel likes the happy sound of the lambs and is maybe thinking about her new outdoor kitchen which will be in progress very soon. 
2.  Gooseberry Jam has been baking up a storm and has lamb on her mind too.
3.  Anne can look on the bright side without a problem and has some lovely granny squares on the go.
4.  Kiwifruit has become a Roller Derby diva and braving the rain and cold to take some lovely photos.
5.  Lyndel has enjoyed successful thrifting  and also has a new model.
6.  Mud Pie Ali can certainly grow some lovely looking spuds and could probably make a new currency of bananas if she so chose.
7.  Muppy's family can sit down to a beautiful and different dinner every night of the week!  I think I might try the lasagne.

and of course lots of points of interest on other lovely blogs.  Please don't feel left out if I haven't mentioned you - maybe next time.

1.       In return, here are 7 things starting with "I" (that you may or may not want to know!)

2.      I worked in Central Qld for 12 mths as a governess/jillaroo when I was 19.  I loved the School of the Air part.  The kids were monsters.

3.       I'm left handed (and strangely so is my husband and son)

4.       I'm pondering whether the post title should read 'things I have learnt' or  things I have learned?  My grammar is going downhill fast.

5.      I strongly dislike the term 'only child'.  No, I'm not one, but our son is.  It somehow implies spoilt or to be pitied.  Alternatively others assume that it was by choice.

6.     I went back to work full time after maternity leave (now that was difficult!) when my husband had a career change 15 years ago.  He gave up work and studied full time.  Things are different now.

7.     I  worked in NZ  for 2+ years when I was younger too.  I have since been back 3 times and want (badly) to go back again.  I worked in the scenic Mt Cook area and just loved it.

8.     I think I prefer the nasturtiums in the blue vase rather than the white. 

Blogger does not like the use of the numeric bullet system - so you've ended up with more than 7!
  .. and here are my replies to your comments on previous post  ......

HAZEL - don't worry, there will be times in summer when we are swimming in the humidity and you will be posting about cool evening breezes.!
 veggiegobbler - Likewise VG!  I have to say I love the cooler weather, but don't know if that is because it is not really cold.  Hope your toes have warmed a little.
 **Anne** -  Ice on the car doesn't happen here, but I'm happy if the sun came out even just a little for you.  Keep warm.
 sophie...^5 - You have lots of different sights to behold where you are!  Always looks spectacular to me.
 Phoebe - Hi and thanks for your comment!  I am starting to like orange more now too.  I can remember a lot of orange in my room.  My bedroom curtains somehow managed to incorporate horses AND orange.  Awesome.
 Tania @ Out Back - Hi Tania, welcome too and thanks for your comment.
 Ali - yes, some rain maybe?  Thanks for mentioning the curlews.  I was just so surprised to see them in a suburban front yard.  They do that freeze thing and try and camouflage themselves.  Didn't you know my last name is Attenborough..lol
 thenewgoodlife - Hello and thanks for your comment!  I think that the southern states would have the most amazing spring blossoms.   
hearts_in_asia - Hi!  thanks - just wish it was in our backyard.  Very impressive.
 Rose  - Yes, our orange trumpet vine did well for a while, but nothing like this display.  Thanks for your comment.
 Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist - thanks TVM!  Happy to help.
 angela - Hi Angela and thanks for your lovely comment.  Glad it warmed you a little!
 Claire - Hadn't thought about the VitC aspect, but you could be right there!  Thanks for your comment Claire.

Cheers for now - Wendy


Lyndel said...

oh what a sweet blog! and I too prefer your bright flowers in the blue vase. You have an amazing array of brightness in your garden, love it.

muppy said...

Love your post!
We are having a very 'normal' dinner tonight of sausages and mash and my hubby is cooking, i am the only one thats not thrilled (not really a sausage and mash kinda girl!). The lasagne was fun to make, you should try it, Nigella rarely lets me down :)
On another random note i think my 11month old bub is lefthanded though i'm told that its not normally determined at this age.

Ali said...

Ooo I got mentioned! I feel very chuffed :)

I was not a governess but an au pair when I was 19, but I went super fancy and looked after two children in gay Paris. Things are the same everywhere though, and you'll be happy to know that the children were also monsters.

Fi said...

Roller Derby Diva! Haha love it :) Thanks for the mention Duchess :)

Yes, we have an "only child". It bugs me when people say oh, "only the one?" like we've somehow failed collecting children or something :(