January 28, 2012

Bad Blogging and Tamarillos

I’d like to report that there has been a truckload of decluttering going on, but I’d be fibbing!

In fact there has been increased activity in the following areas -  eating, drinking,  spending of money, books read, restaurant dinners, socialisng  and just plain good times.

Hence this photo which I'm thinking it represents a certain suggestion of gluttony which may have happened in our household over the Festive Season.   In our case this season extended right into the end of January!  (I took this photo a couple of years ago on a holiday at Iluka NSW).
It seems Ali and I have something in common. .. no, not any of the above, but Bad Blogging  - I’ve certainly been guilty of neglecting my little blog lately.

We don't have much produce at all at the moment.  So I thought that I’d show our Tamarillo trees that are fruiting.  So much rain lately it’s not funny – but at least things are definitely growing in our very tropical/sub tropical garden in SE Queensland at the moment.

They seem to be very slow in the ripening process.  The trees really are small trees, at a rough guess ours would be at least 2.5 metres I’d say.
Everything else is growing like crazy.  In between the rain it’s been very hot and steamy – can’t really complain though, we’re nearly into the dreaded February – the most humid month of all.

We have been fairly busy of late as most people are this time of year.  We enjoyed a lovely week on the Sunshine Coast in the last week of the school holidays - which seemed to fit in well amongst all the showers. 

Our son is in Year 12 this year.  It was certainly a bittersweet moment on Friday when I attended the school opening service.  It seems like such a short time ago that he started off in Year 8, and now this is his final year. 

...... and if that wasn't enough, my husband is celebrating a special birthday tomorrow.  One that ends with an '0'.  So I'm treating him to some V8 supercar laps as a (surprise) present which should make him feel like 21 again.

image from here

He's not really a racing fanatic, so now I'm getting nervous that it wasn't the right choice. Fingers crossed that he does, and that's the day is not too wet.  I'll just make sure that I'm the one in the driver seat going home!

Hope that  2012 has been kind to you all so far , without too many dramas with the weird weather.

Just thought I'd mention too - I'm having all sorts of problems leaving comments on other blogs lately. I am reading them and wanting to comment.   Is it just Blogger, or just me??  Maybe I've been barred for being a bad blogger?!?  

Cheers for now Wendy