March 14, 2011

Pumpkin post

This is our latest batch of pumpkins.  I thought that they were early this year, as I always seem to associate pumpkins with pumpkin soup and winter.

However my husband informs me this is not the case.  I must have a bad memory as apparently we have had more than one crop a year in the past.  These little beauties are a nice size, one a little scarred on top (probably from the mower) but will be nicely shared amongst our neighbours on either side of us  and ourselves. 

Maybe not the right time for pumpkin soup just yet, but I have made a nice pumpkin risotto in the past, and pumpkin cake.  Not so good on the pumpkin scones!

Thought I would include my red plate in amongst them, as there were several nice comments about it on an earlier post.  Plus it looked nice against my new kitchen tiles.

These are probably the prettiest ones. .... as if looks count for much right?!

Thanks for all the comments lately and hello to new followers!  I'm really chuffed to have you here.  For those who completed my little survey (sounding really official here) I'll run it through the machine and report back later.   

Keep the comments coming to be in the draw for the giveaway!!

Cheers Wendy 


Thoughts and prayers to all in Japan.  It is extremely difficult to comprehend the magnitude of it all. 


Janelle aka Nelly said...

Love pumpkin soup.

Lyndel said...

Oh I made pumpkin soup last week, was yummy, and I added a few spoonfulls of leftovers to the Mushroom risotto the next night too. Thanks for another look at your red/white plate♥

cathy@home said...

i dont tell the boys its pumpkin orange soup they would never eat the pumpkin soup

duchess_declutter said...

Janelle - I do too. However, I'm always a little disappointed though if we go out somewhere and the soup of the day is pumpkin! I can make that at home!! Give me something I can't make!

Lyndel - still to hot for me to be making/eating soup. That sounds a nice idea with the risotto. I love risotto too.

cathy - so do you tell them it's orange soup? It's funny how you have to make up so many things when they are little. My son would not eat pumpkin by itself until I started mashing it into potato. They I just kept increasing it until it was orange and he couldn't tell the difference! He'd be embarassed if I told him that now!

Daffodil said...

Mmmmm, pumpkin soup, muffins, pies, scones, bread, gnocchi, cannelloni, tortellini, risotto, mashed, baked....and the list goes on. Very pretty specimens you have there.

(BTW, I loved your world atlas so much, I have installed it on my blog)

duchess_declutter said...

Yumm all sounds good Daffodil ... but my cooking skills are a bit limited it seems. Have not attempted half of those, but the other half I do not too badly! Glad you liked the globe - I have to admit to 'stealing' the idea from Sophies blog. Check it out on the sidebar - I think you'll like it (and her)!

dreamer said...

Hi Wendy
Lovely produce, I grew my first pumpkins last summer and was so chuffed to actually et them to harvesting stae in our bad weather :) Going to try more this year.I made pumpkin soup and chutney which is yummy :)

Ali said...

Ooo your pumpkins are beautiful! I didn't get any this time around, they all rotted in the rain and I had them in a bad spot anyway. I can't wait to try again - what kind are yours??

duchess_declutter said...

dreamer - thanks! I can imagine it would be a different story to grow them in the cold.

Ali - they are good old Qld Blue. I think the only way these survived with the rain was that the vine actually grew up and over the shadehouse!

purplefish said...

The blue grey of the pumpkin looks wonderful next to the plate!
Can you tell I'm more of an artist than a vegetable grower,lol.
I've just felt the same glee as yesterday watching the world spin round, flashing at home town. Simple pleasures...

Bruise Mouse said...

These look fabulous. It is always such a thrill to grow something substantial that you know will make up the most part of a meal. My favourite meals are always the ones where I sit down and think 'I grew this!'. Enjoy.

duchess_declutter said...

purplefish - I agree, the colours are a nice combo - and the globe is a source of cheap thrills for me too!

Bruise Mouse - we often sit down to dinner and count off how many things are from our own garden. There is usually at least one!