July 30, 2011

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is my first attempt to join many others in this monthly event, hosted by Kathy from Postcards from P.P.   I think I saw it first on Anne's blog and thought that it looked like fun.

So with a bit of extra time this month, I decided to have a go.  This is my take on the following:

 July's Scavenger List:
  • a flag
  • a kite
  • celebration
  • fields
  • flip flops
  • ice cream
  • red, white and blue
  • seashells
  • something that makes you happy (not a person or an animal!)
  • stars
  • strawberries
  • stripes
with the exception of a kite!  I couldn't find one anywhere.

This was our wedding reception 1992 - the bridal table just waiting for the wedding party to arrive!
football fields
 flip flops (sons' thongs)
 ice cream
red white blue

These are lovely old shells, collected and put into a terrarium by my mother, many years ago

Something that makes me happy
- at the moment it's this quilt bought off ebay. Perfect colour match for rest of bedroom.
Electric lights strung along our outdoor entertainment area

Home grown strawberries
Our old garden seat

That was fun - easy in some ways, but a bit of a challenge for a basic photographer like me.  Have a look at the site, there are lots who participate and it's always interesting to see different approaches to the topic.

cheers for now - Wendy


**Anne** said...

Great photos Wendy. I'm having trouble with the kite too. It's just not kite flying weather for us is it?
Anne xx

saving for travel said...

Wish I could teleport you over here, there are kites everywhere.

What a great challenge!

Sft x

Judith said...

What a fun idea. I love that blue and white bowl.

Kathy said...

Hi there ... welcome aboard!!!! It's great to have you with us!
I love your shells and your stars!

Patrice said...

Great photos - love those stars!!! Visiting from Postcards from the PP...

Little Blue Mouse said...

You've taken some great photos. I love the stars!

"Petunia Pill" said...

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! Great pictures! I love your celebration image! What a great memory that one is! And the stars....that one is so cool! Looking forward to seeing you in future months! Annette

Sandra said...

Just popped by from Postcards from the PP... love the stars and the shells.

Glo said...

A wonderful assortment! The quilt looks lovely and your stars - magical.

Eileen said...

Great photos. The quilt is beautiful, I would never have thought of looking for one on eBay.