June 1, 2011

1st Day of Winter!

Now I do realize that Queenslanders have an easier time of winter than many other parts of Australia.  As well as a lot of other parts of the world.  However, can I just say that I really love winter!  It gets a bad rap from many, and in its defence I would like to say the following:
  • Winter clothes are so much more stylish (not talking tracky dacks and ugg boots here).
  • Winter time is a much nicer for cuddling (I'm just saying..)
  • It's great to be out in the garden on a crisp day with bright blue skies.
  • Not so much mowing needed around the yard.
  • Winter veggies are easier to grow - and lots of great recipes for soups.
  • There seems to be so much more to do on the weekends -  markets,  ag.shows  etc.
  • NRL Football.  Winter is also State of Origin time.  Go Qld!
So that's just a couple of the positves of winter.  What are some of yours?

I've been prompted to this  after reading Hazel's Winter Wednesdays post and also Veggiegobbler's  Five things to Love About Winter.  All different aspects of winter. I'm sure there are plenty more out there.

And the mandarin citrus arrangement?  This was prompted by Gooseberry Jam's lovely idea.  Isn't hers' just gorgeous.  Mine is a wee bit tame I think, but it was certainly something I'd never tried before.  I've been inspired to try other arrangements now too.   I'm grateful too for her comment on using a heavy based pot!  It is rather top heavy. 

If you click on my photo, you may well see this in the background.  Isn't this how most dogs spend their days??

cheers for now Wendy


Nelly said...

Mrs scrooge here..... Winter? Bah humbug!!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Wendy, your arrangement is fabulous! Your Mandarins are much riper and brighter! Doesn't it freshen up your home, just like a vibrant fresh vase of flowers only with a certain warmth to it.
A lovely winter positive for me is finding a nice sunny spot on the lawn with my children and eating loads of Mandarins (straight from the tree)for Morning Tea...

Lyndel said...

Oh come to Melbourne and tell me you like winter! I do actually, as long as it's DRY and not wet soggy rainy muddy.... love your 'floral' arrangement. Was about 3degrees here this am, had to be up at 6 to make a hospital appointment for hubby in time, but as we drove home at noon it was about 17degrees and Beautiful... sunny, great!

saving for travel said...

Hi Wendy,

Here in England, my favourite seasons are spring and autumn. I love the spring wild flowers: primroses, cowslips and a bluebell wood is just magical! Autumn is great for the colours of the leaves on the trees and walking through forests.

Love your arrangement too.

Keep up the wonderful posts!

Oh, if your interested I'm doing a giveaway on my blog. I know you like vintage stuff.

Sft x

muppy said...

Your arrangement looks great! I am not the biggest fan of winter, I think your view may be a little biased as a queenslander ;) (lucky you!)

duchess_declutter said...

Nelly - I'm all Bah Humbug in summer lol!
GBJ - thanks again for the idea!
Lyndel - I know we are spoilt and I know Melbourne is cold. We holidayed there one August a few years ago!
SFT - spring and autumn are pretty good here too. Anything is better than really hot. Thanks for the heads up about your giveaway.
Muppy - Thanks! and I know it's not so cold here - but at least it's a bit of a novelty.

Bruise Mouse said...

Roll on winter, I say.
The uggys are on. Now I just need to find those trackie dacks. Maybe a hot-water-bottle too.
Milo, anyone?

duchess_declutter said...

Bruise Mouse - glad to see another fan of winter!

Fi said...

There's lots to like about winter! I'm definitely going to post my five things :)

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I have finally gotten around to doing a post with some pics of Banty's twin for you. Enjoy.

Richard said...

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