June 9, 2011

Well there has been a little bit of

Decluttering?  If you can call it that!  One husband, one chainsaw and one big mess!  We had a grove of black bean trees which were lovely, but getting too big and too close to the vegie garden.  Too much shade so some of the trees had to go.  Oh and while you're there ... a few golden cane palms removed too thanks.

Op-Shopping.  Did I really need these?  No, but I loved this set on sight and grabbed it at a bargain price.  Didn't really know much about it till I did some research.  It's Roydon brand, Aztec design.  Made in NZ in the 60's and part of the Crown Lynn family.

Somehow the plates just seemed to settle in straight away with my other mis-matched everyday set.  I've decided to split the set and just keep the plates and will put the rest on ebay.  I really really don't need more cups and saucers.
It was interesting to compare the sizes of the breakfast bowls.  Unfortunately I didn't take a comparison photo, but modern plates are about twice the size! They are in the snap above with the whole set.  Shows how serving sizes have changed I think.
Our gorgeous boy turned 16 today!  He is in the middle of Yr 11 exams and luckily had a day off school today with a study day, so we managed to squeeze in a nice Thai lunch and obtaining his driving L's!  Shock horror, don't know how we going to survive the next 12 months till he gets his licence.  Still, he's a great kid and we're so proud of him.  As every parent knows, it seems no time at all since he looked like this.  Now there are whiskers sprouting on that cute little dimpled chin.

Cheers for now  - Wendy


Ali said...

Awww, so sweet... I can't believe that they grow up so quickly, I have one in prep and the other will go next year - what on earth am I going to do with myself?! Try to convince their father to have another one :D

Congratulations on having a grown up boy - and happy birthday to him!

Lyndel said...

happy birthday to Mr.16
I know what you mean Wendy, one minute a baby and then...grown up. Mine is in his 40s already, and his daughter starts High School next year!!..now where did those first 12 granny-years go for me??

**Anne** said...

Happy Birthday to your young man. It's a bit scary when they get their L's. I leave the initial lessons to the professionals and thereafter hubby takes on that responsibility until they are more proficient.
Anne xx

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks for your comments!
Ali - they do grow up so fast, and while I knew that beforehand, it is different when it happens! We would have loved to have had more kids it just didn't happen for us. You do have a lovely garden for more kids though .....?!

Lyndel - wow time really does fly then. I know I have granny years ahead but hopefully not too soon! I'm certainly old enough to qualify as a granny.

Anne - I'm with you on the driving lessons idea. His birthday present was professional driving lessons, but there are still a lot of hours left to complete those 100!

saving for travel said...

Happy birthday to your son.

My nephew is 18 now and has grown up so quickly! He learnt to drive when he was 17 and came to South Africa with us last year.

We are all very proud of him.

Sft x