June 22, 2011

Winter Wednesday Theme

Linking up with Hazel for my take on a wintery theme.  Here in South East Queensland we are very spoilt and enjoy cool mornings (it was 5 deg.C) here this morning.  Gorgeous balmy days (19 deg.C today I think or thereabouts).

The fun part though is that it is definitely cool enough for a fire, which is something we all look forward to at night.  Being on 5 acres, there are always trees that need trimming or removing, so we always have wood sawn up and stockpiled for winter.

Say hello to our (oh my goodness that does look rustic!)  fireplace.  It is fairly old.  We have been in the house nearly 20 years and the fireplace was here when we bought it.  It was made locally and called a Maleny Hot Drum.  I believe they are still being made in Maleny.

In that length of time we have replaced the flue and repainted the fireplace many times. Looks like it is ready for some treatment!  The big cast iron kettle is kept full of water to keep some moisture in the air.  It weighs a ton but we have never made tea from it!  It was a present from friends when we first moved here.

So that it one of my favourite parts of winter here.  The novelty of having a roaring fire!  How is winter treating you at the moment?

Cheers for now - Wendy


Ali said...

Oh Wendy - now I really like that hot drum. I'd love to have one of those!!

Does it heat your whole house?

Judith said...

Absolutely love your wood fire - it is so different. I've never seen one like it. Lucky you.

saving for travel said...

Glad you're enjoying your fires! What a lovely fire place. Do you snuggle up on the couch nearby.

We even had one a few weeks ago and its summer here!

Sft x

sophie...^5 said...

Hey Ho...Happy Winter! Hate to tell you...it's only 20 degrees C here and it's summer...LMAO really!

duchess_declutter said...

Ali - thanks - I've left a comment on your blog re fireplace.

Judith - it is different, I haven't actually seen any others either.

SFT - Yes lounge snuggling frequents our place.

Soph - Happy summer days to you too!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hi Wendy
As another SE QLD resident I know what you mean. Even though we do not get weather as cold as other places our homes are often built for the heat not the cold. We have our fire going 24/7 at the moment keeping the house nive and warm.

Gooseberry Jam said...

Winter is a great excuse for a fire, cold or not! Your fireplace is just fantastic! Good size too. I love the idea of the kettle. I could do that with mine to as it actually has a hot plate on top.
P.S Your comment on my fireplace made me laugh. GGRR...LOL

**Anne** said...

Hi Wendy,
You should really joins us for Photo Scavenger Hunt. It's so much fun and I love seeing what everyone comes up with.
Have a great day,
Anne xx