June 21, 2011

About some Baking and Drooling

Well I thought I'd try Anne's Lemon Coconut slice  and it certainly was quick and easy!  I am not the type of person to quickly whip up a cake.  Although I love love love reading cook books and cooking blogs, my  actual cooking style leaves a bit to be desired.  Actually more baking skills I think.
 So this slice was a real hit.  It was certainly soft and tasty, and despite the fact that I had run out of caster sugar and used brown sugar instead (that's the sort of cook I am) the recipe was very forgiving and it still turned out well.   I will most certainly be using it again, particularly during citrus season.

Photo artfully arranged.  I don't always have afternoon tea like this - maybe with visitors.  However, just as an aside - whatever happened to Splayds?  I happen to be a real fan and think that they are a great implement.  What do others think?  Have you ever used a splayd or do you own a set?

The only items today from home produce was the lousy looking but very juicy lemon and two eggs.  Our chooks are on the 'go slow' again and some days there are no eggs at all.  However, I do have a few at hand luckily.  I couldn't use much of the lemon rind though - my poor lemon tree has only yielded three lemons to date, and is suffering from sooty mould.  So I will have to attend to that in due course (which translates to 'pretty low on the priority list').
Higher on the priority list, in fact the very next cake I'm going to bake will be Ali's Whole Orange Cake which looks scrummy too.  There are certainly plenty of oranges and mandarins in our orchard at the moment I'm definitely on the citrus trail.

I have also tried out Gooseberry Jam's Plain Cake recipe.  In fact I baked 4 at once!  If you know my baking prowess you would be suitably impressed.  I know that my family were.  I then proceeded to transform 3 of those Plain Cakes into this amateurish mess  masterpiece for son's 16th.  If you squint through the alfoil glare, you may be able to make out numeral 16.   Plus I even have one more cake to spare in the freezer for further eating pleasure.  I must say GB it is certainly a handy recipe to have and to vary.
We went to see Mark Seymour on the weekend on the Gold Coast.  Oh so Fabulous.  It was a small theatre with table seating and we had great seats.  Luckily the hubster was there to stop me throwing myself on the stage which was so close - only about 1 metre away.   I did take some photos on my phone, but they are way too pitiful to show.  I have been a long time fan and he just has a new album out at the moment.

Highly recommended.  Also just so nice to have a weekend away together, and to see some live music!  Managed to catch up with friends on Friday on the way to the Coast and enjoy a dinner party.  A neat weekend with beautiful weather as a plus.

Cheers for now Wendy


muppy said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, you made my day! I love the look of that slice, i am a huge citrus fan :)
And i looooove my splayds, in fact we eat with them nearly every night!

Lyndel said...

oh Yes I do love splayds, but sadly, only have ONE left in the drawer. Something I really must look out for at the Op shops, thanks for the reminder. Your sweet 16 cake looks great!, my poor son never got anything that fancy for a birthday! I'm a terrible baker.

**Anne** said...

We had splayds growing up but I don't have any in my kitchen cupboards. I quite liked them. I mostly just eat with a fork now anyway only using a knife when I really have to. Yep, I'm lazy.
I'm glad the slice turned out and your birthday cake looks fab. The good thing about making big cakes is you don't have to bake for days afterwards. :)
So hubster spoilt your fun on the weekend did he? Should have gone by yourself so you could fling yourself on that stage. :)
I have sooty mould on my lemon tree too. What do you do to get rid of it?
Anne xx

Bruise Mouse said...

Splayds, I love them. I had a gift voucher for a department store a few years ago and bought a set. They came in a gorgeous red tin. We use them a lot.
Mark Seymour...drool.

Judith said...

I'm down to my last four splayds. Absolutely love them and the little dish you have the lemon and eggs in.

delia hornbook said...

ooohhh so many delicious cakes to chose from. I have to say i adore coconut so that cake was making my mouth water. It must be lovely to have your own citrus orchard ooohhh to be able to go and pick oranges and lemons...lovely ;-)) dee x

saving for travel said...

It looks delicious but may I also comment on that pretty china plate..just perfect for afternoon tea!


duchess_declutter said...

Muppy - your blog is a real inspiration. Thanks for being a follower too!

Lyndel - I'm pleased that other people like splayds too. You'll be able to find some more soon with your op shopping knack!

Anne - yes the slice was a big hit here. Still had fun at the concert... it was just that the stage was so close ... Re sooty mold I'll have to look it up, but I'm thinking that soapy water is the best. I know that works for aphids so I might give it a try.

BM - glad to see another splayd fan. Speaking of fans, if you do like M.Seymour he is headed over your way. Just click on the website it gives tour details. Highly recommended and good value. Kinda wish now that we weren't so close to the stage... regular eye contact from singer + middle age mind is not a good combo.

Judith - go the splayds! More on the dish in next post, thanks for commenting on it.

Delia - I was certainly happy with that slice it turned out well.... and yes it is a plus to have some citrus trees about. I will leave a message on your blog as I don't think you've seen the previous post on here!

SFT - thanks so much - and more on that plate in my next post !

exotic jewelries said...

I am satisfied the cut turned out and your birthday cake looks great. The nice thing about making massive cakes is you do not have to cook for days thereafter.
: ) So hubster spoilt your fun on the weekend did he? Should have gone by yourself so you might fling yourself on that stage.