June 16, 2011

Vintage Pillow Slips - Giveaway!

This matching pair of pillowslips have been in my possession for a long time.  I originally bought them in a little antique shop in Paddington, Brisbane about 30 years ago!  I'm not sure exactly how old they are, but I guess it places me well and truly into my age bracket.

However, let's assume that they at least are 50+ years old.  The material is very soft and the hand stitching is so delicate.  The lace webbing, hand crocheted very finely and measures 8cm.    I doubt they have been used much, I certainly haven't used them.  They have been resting quite comfortably in my linen cupboard for quite a while!  They really are lovely and my photos don't really do them justice.

However, because I want to be particularly honest, I do have to say that there are a couple of very minor flaws (holes) in the lace webbing.  Nothing that couldn't easily be cobbled, and justifiable considering the age of the material.  A couple of light age spots which might bleach out.  The last photo shows the lacework more closely.

Considering their age, they are in lovely condition and would suit a variety of decors.   The reason I am giving all these details is that I've decided to do a GIVEAWAY!

So in this shameless way, I'm encouraging you to be part of my humble blog and there are four ways to be in the running for these lovely pillowslips:

 1.  Leave a comment = 1 chance
2.  Leave a comment + become a follower (sad I know, but I do love to have Followers!) = 2 chances
3.  Leave a comment + if you are already an existing follower (currently 27 - thanks -  take an extra point) = 3 chances
4.  Any of the above + link to your blog if you have one = 4 chances!

I'll close the draw Monday 20 June  9am EST and pick a name out of the hat soonafter.  I'm happy to send these off  internationally.

Cheer for now - Wendy


**Anne** said...

That lace looks very delicate. I'm assuming handwashing them would be best?
They are very pretty and it's a shame that you haven't used them.
Anne xx

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Wow they are beautiful and something to treasure. I imagine that someone put a lot of time into making that lace. Are you sure you don't want to give them just one use before you give them away?

Nelly said...

Oh how wonderful Duchess dear If I win I shall love them and call them my Duchess pillow cases lol

Lyndel said...

oh they are quite Lovely..♥ yum

delia hornbook said...

Wendy those are beautiful. Things were made to last in times gone by and the detail that was put into things always amazes me. I would love to be entered please. Thank you, enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

Daffodil said...

I am almost certain I left a comment for you, Wendy! However I will try again.

Beautiful pillowcases, I love vintage linens. As my nan would say, they don´t make things like they used to. Gorgeous fabrics and beautiful crafted touches. You cannot buy quality like that these days.

Ali said...

Ooo Ooo Ooo me me me - pick me! They are lovely Wendy, but no, don't pick me! I wouldn't take care of them properly, I can barely was a pair of jeans without ruining them :)

saving for travel said...

They are beautiful and made with love.
A treasure from the past.

Sft x

duchess_declutter said...

Hi all - thanks for your comments! All in the draw tomorrow. We've just come back from a long weekend away, more about that on Monday. cheers Wendy