October 17, 2011

What was that 'D' word again?

Oh yes .... Decluttering, that's right.  Probably the reason why most people started reading this little blog.  Possibly too, the reason that I started writing it as well.  A way to chronicle my path through the clutter.

I was reminded of this after reading the lovely Fox Lane.  Although Kates' blog  has evolved slightly differently as her family enjoys a really big adventure, my blog too has evolved somewhat.   Now I seem to waffle more about dogs and chooks then decluttering.  This is/was a decluttering blog!

However, today just for something different  I'm showing off my Gooseberries!  Although previous success with Cape Gooseberry escaped us, this year we hit the jackpot.  Well, maybe jackpot is not the right word, but we have some at least.
I'm thrilled to be able to show off my plate of gooseberries.  I love them, and after consulting Mr Google, now know they are high in antioxidants as well.  Not enough to make jam as this stage, maybe if they keep fruiting there will be.  What do you think Gooseberry Jam Karen?
They look a bit rough straight from the garden, and I didn't take a photo of the particularly messy plant in the particularly messy veggie patch at the moment.  It's the end result that counts right?
By the way,  I love to eat them in my porridge (a bit weird?) with my homemade yoghurt (thanks to my thrifted Easiyo and some LSA (linseed sunflower & almond) mix.  Yummo.  After that I'm ready to start on some decluttering.
I have been doing some actually!  Little by little I am working my way through the garage which has seen lots of cluttering over the years.  Nothing too interesting, so I haven't been posting about it.  I mean who wants to hear about all the old books, cassette tapes, broken cane baskets, old sailing and fishing gear?

Although this was potentially a huge Garage Sale in the making, I couldn't get much interest from The Others, so  I've been carting it off to the charity shop.  My new cause is the local SPCA and they are very grateful. 

I've had to be pretty tough and unsentimental and look at it as a donation to a good cause.  I've had to gird my loins which is a strange expression, but when I looked it up, means to prepare for battle, suck it up  and punch through the pain.  Sigh.   A lot of it is pretty good - so someone is going to have fun. Time to move on in terms of material things.

Our colourbond garage could feasibly hold 3 cars.  At the moment it holds 1.  Get the picture??  Once I've worked my way through there I'll start on the house again, which I will post about.

Cheers for now - Wendy
Waving hi to new follower Angela!  welcome to my little blog

Comments from previous post:

Nelly - glad to hear you have some chooks too.  Good luck with the new pen - and thanks for your help with the Comments.
Kim - I'm kind of new to bantams and am quickly becoming a fan!
Claire - Hi Claire, and thanks for your comment!  I laughed at the ticket dispenser, or should it be chicken dispenser??  I'm actually in the process of creating a separate pen for the bantams, though it all depends on the chooks.  Having said that, we do have a bantam rooster with our other hens.  He seems to manage .....
saving for travel - I thought you were serious about the snake skin actually!  Yes, that is little Dexter in the photo on sidebar.  He looks different all the time depending on his hair cut.
delia hornbook - Hi Dee - yes, it looked a bit like trick photography I thought!
Ali - I wish I could give you some, but I was planning on keeping the hens. ... pity I can't give you a rooster, but I know the rules of suburbia.  What are the chances I'm have more roosters than hens?!?
 Kate - I'm sure your chooks will be happily waiting to hear of your adventures!  Love your blog.


saving for travel said...

Your gooseberries look great, isn't it funny how we have a good harvest with some things and not with others.

Congrats on your decluttering..

Must do more over half term.

Sft x

cathy@home said...

Great decluttering and gooseberries bought some seeds now have to find a spot to plant them.

Kim said...

What do gooseberries taste like? I have never grown them.
Oh now you have got me thinking about decluttering. We have a cellar that I am avoiding going into because it is full of junk. Maybe it is time .... perhaps a box a week to the op shop and no one will ever notice it is gone.

Nelly said...

Darling Wendy I havnt had Goodberries in years yummo must get the lads to grow some so the grandies can try them.My mum always has grown them/
We have a double garage and can get no cars in there if it makes you feel better lol.
Youngest son bought a bird aviary to use as a chook pen for now.
At the mo they are a little cooped up hope teh aviary is up this week.

Nelly said...

re my post yere Doug wasnt a bad sort didnt look so great when He got older tho sadly.Wasnt Dot stunning?

Gooseberry Jam said...

Oh Duchess, I'm extremely jealous!! I planted some (cape) gooseberry seed months ago and they have not done very well at all. A few tiny leaves to date... Did you grow them from seed, if so when did you plant them, My packets are saying spring, but you obviously have had your growing for a while!! Enjoy! They are such a refreshing little fruit! Be nice if you could get more for Jam!! If you do, you must send me some :)