September 9, 2011

Just one more - please?

This is a wonderful recipe for Ginger Crunch  I found here.

However, it should come with a warning.  These are terrible!   Terrible as in - it's very difficult to just eat one.  They are so yummy, but should be avoided if you are counting calories, sugar levels or cholesterol I think!  They are very sweet and more-ish.
The caramellised icing is just lovely, and I think I might even try it on plain biscuits.  I added extra ginger in just about all of this, my ground ginger was almost out of date, so I doubled it.  Plus I had some fresh ginger in the fridge, so I grated some into the base.  Obviously we like ginger here.

I have cut and sliced and put in the freeze in some hope of portion control!  ... and yes, I am the main offender.
New purchase of this Esi-Yo gadget.  Yes, another case of re-cluttering for sure.  However, I have thought about buying one for some time.  I found this in an op shop for bargain price - have not seen a thrifted one before.

If it can save some money on store-bought yoghurt then it will be a great investment.  I noticed that Tania has just bought one too!  Maybe we can compare results!
I'd just love some advice / tips if anyone has used one recently.  Any special recipes or methods that work would be much appreciated.  I'll try it over the weekend and see how it performs.
Sports news - on the football front, big excitement tonight.  I know that there will be a lot of major games played elsewhere this weekend.  However, this is Friday night football in a far away suburb (oh joy).  Our son's team plays the district junior rugby league U'16s Grand Final.   It would be wonderful if they could win the title 2 years in a row!  They have had a really exciting year this year.  This will be his last year playing - he has decided that Year 12 will be busy enough.  Wish us luck - it will be a l o n g drive home otherwise!!

Cheers for now  - Wendy

Waving Hi to new followers Tania & S too!

My reply to comments on Is Your Tea Cosy?

Suzanne - thanks for hosting!  Great idea and lots of lovely cosies. 
Tania @ Out Back - yes, I think you're right Tania.  See how bad I am, can't even tell the different between knit and crochet!  That is probably why I can't crochet.
Kate - I'll let you in on a not-so-secret fact about the red tea pot.  It's a Maxwell Williams and easily sourced from most kitchen shops.  ...... not so sure about Broome though!
Judith - I like your blue one too!  So many variations on a theme aren't there?
Ali - show us your chicken Ali!  How about hosting a tea cosy swap!?
saving for travel - well have a cuppa SFT - I've now prompted you with tea and coffee.


S said...

Waving hi right back :) Love love love this recipe, looks like i'll be making Ginger crunch this weekend, thanks!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I am trying to reduce my salt and sugar so will be staying clear of these. For the youghurt I follow pretty much what Liz posted here Might see you on the weekend, I'll be in the calssic cars marquee near the voting box.

Kim said...

You will love your Easi yo! they are in the op shops all the time as it must be one of those fads people get sick of . I have three...and you can use them to make your own yoghurt too without the sachets. My kids love this yogurt so much better and it is wonderful to throw a greek yogurt together early in the morning , then strain it and use as a sour cream substitute as a potato salad dressing for dinner that night. Definitely not a clutter thing!
One way to make sure you do use it , is have a special 'yogurt making' cupboard with all your gear and sachets in one place. Then on those busy days you aren't looking for all the parts!

**Anne** said...

I have one of those yogurt makers and love it. Definately not a clutter object.
That slice recipe looks absolutely delicious. I am so tempted to try it as everyone in our house is in love with ginger.
Enjoy your weekend,
Anne xx

Fi said...

Ginger Crunch is such a Kiwi favourite and definitely one of mine - so addictive!

EasyYo is fantastic too, yoghurt so cheap and so tasty, you just can't lose :)

Shaheen said...

The ginger crunch is very tempting for me to make, but I will have to resist for now. Maybe some other time :)

I've been tempted to get the Esi Yo a number of times myself, but my mother has made yogurt without it, so I should try her method first. I hope you use yours lots.