October 12, 2011

Hen Happenings

Well nothing too exciting to report - not really sure why I haven't posted for a little while.  Anyhoo.... I'm back with a few snaps of what is happening around the hen house at the moment.
The hens have all been very busy, back in full swing with the egg laying.  This is rush hour in the hen house some days.  There is of course, several other options available for more comfortably egg laying.

However, this is the preferred nesting box it seems.  Looks pretty uncomfortable to me!  Does make for a funny photo though.
Little Banty is going well with her latest batch of little chicks.  They are so cute, and about  6 weeks old now.  She has decided they are big enough to nest on the perch at night.  So there they all huddle, as close as they can get to her... and a couple under her wings.
 I'm wondering now how many little hens there are in this batch.  What are the odds I wonder?
This little beauty is the last of the previous surrogate batch of Little Bantys'.   Sadly, she is the only survivor as the other 5 have all died.  They met their Maker in (when I think about it) very surprisingly different and diverse ways.   Strangely, I don't think snakes were involved.
Can anyone tell me -  what do you think she is?  I'm assuming just bantam Pekin, but her colouring is lovely.  Such a lovely little creature too, so friendly.  Laying eggs already too at about 5 months.

I call her Little Dainty :)

(I have just re-read all this and realised how many times I have used the word 'little' with regards to Bantams.  Apologies, but obviously they are little and cute!)

cheers for now - Wendy

My comments from previous post :
Fiona from Arbordale Farm - thanks so much for linking up Fiona.  Your morning walk definitely looks more rural than mine!  Do you see any cars I wonder.
Bruise Mouse  - yes it is lovely - wish I did feel more invigorated than I do some days!  I do appreciate it though.
muppy - nice to have some un-cultivated spots I think too Muppy.
saving for travel - let me know about the snake skin if you are serious! I still have it.
sophie...^5  - yes it is an attempt at civilisation anyhow!  Dexter loves his walks.
Suzanne - please do, would love to see it!
Judith - Dexter well behaved - I think not - he is a terror/terrier!  Photos can be deceiving.


Nelly said...

Look at all your chookies.We now have 4 thanks to 2 sons!! We now have to make a larger coop but one that can be moved when we move.
Now to do comments you go to Dashboard then settings then comments and click pop up window for comments.,
I actuall hate the pop up one so will see if the other ladies can comment now otherwise I shall go back to this one. xx

Kim said...

I love your little bantams . We have bantams and isa browns...but the bantams are the best layers and nothing puts them off!

Claire said...

Wonderful photos of your girls..........

I think you better install a ticket dispenser a la the delicatessan for using the nesting box....aren't they funny?

I think I would like to have a little bantam but worried about the larger chooks picking on it. What do you think?

Sorry I can't help you with recognising the breed of Little Dainty, but she is very sweet.

Claire :}

saving for travel said...

Sft-don't worry about the snake skin, although I was serious! My class would love it.

Good to hear from you DD! Missed your posts.

Thanks for giving us an update about the chickens.

Love the little ones!

Sft x

saving for travel said...

Love the doggy photo!

Is that dexter?

Sft x

delia hornbook said...

aawww there so sweet and cute ;-)) Great photo's that first one i thought the hen had 3 heads ;-)) Enjoy them, dee x

Ali said...

Oh I know how that bantam feels with all her children crawling all over her!!

They are all so cute - are you going to keep them all?

Kate said...

I love your chooky pics. I miss our girls so much. That top photo is brilliant. Isn't it funny how they have favourite spots to lay no matter how uncomfortable. I hope you have a fab weekend.