October 20, 2011

Small Break in Transmission

Hopefully not too long..... but my computer is Fried / Cactus / Kaputt.  Don't think we've lost anything, but I have limited computer access while we decide which way to go with a new one.

Strangely enough (or maybe not) this has coincided with my decision to actively seek paid employment again - mainly for financial reasons!   Flitting around the property taking photos of chooks doesn't pay too well..... and child raising (he is now a pretty independent 16 year old)  isn't an excuse any more.

I recently updated my resume thinking that it had only been 'a couple of years' break.  However, it's actually 5!!  Time flies.  If and when I do find a job, it will only be part time hopefully, so plenty of time for blogging.

So I should be back soon - just thought I'd let you know!

cheers for now - Wendy


thanks for all the gooseberry comments!


Fi said...

Good luck with the job hunting! I'm looking at the moment - hopefully I can get part time which would be perfect :)

Sucky boo about the computer. So frustrating when they go kaput. But, it's so much fun to get a brand new one :)

veggiegobbler said...

Good luck with everything Wendy. Job hunting can be hard.

cathy@home said...

Good luck with the Job hunting,

saving for travel said...

Hope you sort out a new computer soon.

Good luck with finding the perfect job!

Sft x

Judith said...

Such a shame we need money for things isn't it? Hope you find what you're looking for.

Nelly said...

Hope you find something youlove but that gives you time to blog too xx

Gooseberry Jam said...

Good luck with the job hunting, hope you find something suitable, but keep yourself sometime for blogging, we'll miss you if your gone for to long... :)