January 22, 2015


2015 is my year with some weekly gratitude posts.  Keeping it simple might be the way to go for me I think.
Grateful that I was able to get this shot in the late afternoon.  Technically it is probably rubbish and the background is fairly ordinary - but I'm pleased with it.  

Mainly because I've never seen these insects before.  Are they bumblebees?  I think so, but unusual here nevertheless.
Short and sweet this time - but more to come soonish I promise!

I have joined with Grow Your Blog organised by the lovely Vicki at Two Bags Full (see button on sidebar).    Looks like fun and a swagful of other bloggers joining in too. A great way to look at other blogs and also an incentive to really get me up and blogging regularly again!  

Cheers for now


Tania @ Out Back said...

That is a very interesting photo. I wonder what those bees are up to? Maybe they are looking for a place to set up house...They look like the blue banded bee, we get them here occasionally :)


duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Tania - you could be right I think. I searched on that name and they certainly do look similar. I hope they do set up house somewhere on our acreage, they'd be welcome!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Cool bees! They look buzy! ;-D

Christina said...

These sure look like bees. I wonder what they are up to?

Sue said...

That is a great photo, I would have grabbed my camera if I had seen that.
I am grateful that you are still blogging!!

duchess_declutter said...

I thought they looked pretty relazed actually Sue!

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Christina - I think they were settling in for the night. Haven't seen them again though.

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Sue I'm glad I did too (to both!).

**Anne** said...

Those bees are very cute.
Anne xx