January 14, 2015


2015 is my year with some weekly gratitude posts.  Keeping it simple might be the way to go for me I think.
Grateful for even more long awaited rain.  Our place is now looking very tropical and that darn lawn needs to be mown a couple of times a week it seems!

Grateful  too for our humble above ground pool.  When we bought it we thought that if we had it for 5 years or so we would have had our money's worth from it.  However, we've had it now for about 10 years and we seem to be using it more than ever. 
It is certainly a sanity-saver on on these hot days (and nights).  We have a pretty good set up too - it directly faces the back verandah - and our outdoor entertainment area & TV!
Many a night lately we can be found lazing in the pool with a cool drink at hand watching a movie - or lately the cricket or tennis.  It's a hard life! 

cheers for now


Christina said...

How I would love to swap my home for yours just now! Galeforce icecold winds here, and snow that is more like ice. Enjoy your pool relaxation. x

duchess_declutter said...

That does sound severe Christina! Sometimes just a happy medium would be nice. Hope you see sunny skies sometime soon.

Sue said...

How perfect!! Sitting in the pool in the rain is pretty good too!!!

duchess_declutter said...

Sue there are not many better things to do on a hot muggy rainy day/night!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Ignore the bit about updating, gawd I a flipping dipstick at times! And so here we are in 2015, I could do with a dip in that pool right now! And we need rain too, some forecast tomorrow, fingers crossed xx