January 22, 2015

Some finds ....

At last the op shop gods were smiling at me.  I've had a run of no-shows for a while now.  However this is what has come my way recently.
These cute little demitasse cups.
The best part of course though was the price.  Wish I hadn't taken off the 50 cent stickers as proof! I think the sorter must have thought they were from a childs tea set.

However they are T G Green, vintage ware similar to Cornishware.  As it happens I have these in the cupboard.
Bad photo in situ in the cupboard, but they are matching colour, also T G Green.  This set belonged to my parents and date back to the early '60s.  The cups are a slightly different shape.  However at $2 I wasn't going to leave these babies behind.  Score!

Then (same shop) I spied these two interesting plates.
Cute 70's ware - Wood & Sons Lima pattern.  I did think twice about these, but they are in great condition and I like this sort of geometric pattern.

Then my ebay purchase arrived.  Thrills!  My retro wallpaper all 6 metres of it.
Photo doesn't do it justice.  I absolutely love this pattern.  Sadly I think it is because I might have seen it before back in the day.  Did I have curtains like this?  Pants? I'm not sure.  However I plan to re-purpose it. Unfortunately my husband did not seem so enthusiastic about the potential wall feature I was raving about, but it will be put to good use anyway.
Can you read that price tag?  I know I had to put my specs on to make sure it really did say $13.99 reduced to $1.47!!   Score!  and it was still 2 days before use-by date.  So I put all 600grams of it to good use and whipped up a Spinach and Feta Pie.
You'll have to take my word for it that it tasted very good as it does look a bit of a mess here.

That's all for now.

cheers Wendy


**Anne** said...

Fabulous finds and that Feta cheese, bargain!!
Anne xx

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Anne - yes doesn't everyone love a bargain!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Blimey $13.99 for Feta cheese! Do love a knock down price. Managed to get a Suesday in yesterday and I'm about to go sort through my finds, photograph them and blog. I'm not quite sure what happened to this past week, it flew by, they fly past i bit too quickly these days! x

Sue said...

I am pretty sure I had pants in that pattern of your wallpaper, it is pretty Groovy Baby!!! That pie has made me hungry now. Nothing like finding some dam fine bargins while out and about. Well done you!!

wendy duchess_declutter said...

It looked like you had a pretty good day out too Sue. The weeks do fly by, hard to believe it's nearly Feb.

wendy duchess_declutter said...

haha Sue! I am pretty sure now that my memory is of my bedroom curtains being like this pattern - but with horses in there as well as I was horse mad. Can you imagine that!! Groovy nightmares.

Christina said...

Some great bargains! I love the little cups, just what I would want to call my own.