June 27, 2014

June in focus - lots of orange and green

Our lovely orange trumpet vine has survived another year!  Back here I mentioned the last of the winter vine for the second time. 

Another year has rolled around and it is turning into more of a monolith it seems!  The tree it is covering is long dead if we remove the vine we (or he, dear husband) will have to remove the tree too.
and there's plenty of green in the choko vine, citrus trees - plus a rather petite green frog I spotted.  I couldn't believe it, we don't get many frogs these days, mainly cane toads.   This guy was so cute.
Cannot believe that it is July next week!  Hopefully July will see the rewards coming through in our veggie garden too.

By the way, there's some retro orange featured in some of the homeware I'm selling over at vintage_declutter at the moment too, with more to come!


cheers for now

June 12, 2014

When Life Sends You Chokos

and you are just a little tired of steamed, fried, grated, juiced, stir fried or baked choko.  When it seems as that the choko vine keeps churning them out at a rapid rate of knots.

Then they are easily disguised as apple and blueberry crumble!

I know that a lot of people have grown up only knowing a choko which has been firstly overboiled and then swamped in white sauce.  Not a good look (or taste).

In my opinion, there is nothing sweeter than a young choko quickly steamed and tossed in a little butter and pepper.

However, this is a good trick if incognito is required!  When the family gets just a little tired of the never ending green vegetable making an appearance at yet another meal.
I just made up some poached fruit - in this case sliced chokos and apples and added some frozen blueberries for a colour change!  For sweetness, just the usual dash of vanilla
and covered with some crumble, just some rolled oats, butter, brown sugar and a bit of cereal mix.

Who would have thought they started out like this - well I didn't add the beans.   The truth of the matter is the humble choko is really a bland flavour which will take on another influence very easily.
My little kitchen secret - and no one was any the wiser!  The trick is to slice the choko and the apple the same way and not too thickly - and the addition of quite a few blueberries or another berry.  Enjoy!

cheers for now

June 4, 2014

Taking Stock 01

Pip over at  meetmeatmikes is taking stock, so I thought I would have a bit of fun and join in too:

So here's my list:
Making :   knitted squares – it’s all I seem to focus on. 
Cooking :   orange cake - soonish
Drinking :  English breakfast w skim milk
Reading:   All the Birds, Singing
Looking:    at learning to crochet
Deciding:   must take more photos
Wishing:  to be more motivated
Enjoying:   everything about June espec NRL footy
Waiting:   for the long weekend, though sadly we have a funeral to go to
Liking:   avocado on rye toast
Wondering:   why I can’t lose weight
Loving:   the cooler weather at last
Pondering:   the weather in Hobart February 2015 for our holiday
Considering:   stepping away from the computer and going for a walk
Watching:   The Voice 
Hoping: to get a lot done today
Marvelling:  at how I procrastinate
Needing:   avocado on rye toast for breakfast soon
Smelling:   toast and fresh morning air
Wearing:   jeans & old Regatta trackie top
Following:   an eclectic lot of new-to-me blogs (Strayed from the Table / The Apprentice Extrovert / Walk Among the Homes / Zaranne Handmade / Learn This Phrase
Noticing:   veggie garden doing well.  Will do a catchup post soonish.
Knowing:   I can push myself more with my online sales
Thinking:   how much I can still achieve this week
Admiring:   son as he effortlessly juggles work/play/mid-year uni exams
Sorting:   out old clothes
Buying:   trying to give up the habit (Live-Like-a-Minimalist - ha I wish!)
Getting:   reflective about son turning 19 on June 9.  Tho it seems ages since he turned 18
Bookmarking:   wool I want to buy right now! 
Disliking:   news and current affairs atm - so have vetoed altogether. 
Opening:   plans for extended travel next year if $$ allow (refer disliking)
Giggling:   at some silly movie last night.  So much more fun to watch.
Feeling:   very sad that we have lost a friend recently to cancer
Snacking:   almonds
Coveting:   chocolate almonds
Wishing:   son wasn’t planning a tattoo (sorry mate, just being a mum)
Helping:    to get house sorted out / decluttered?
Hearing:   lorikeets in Poinciana tree just outside window.

Thanks Pip!

cheers for now