June 4, 2014

Taking Stock 01

Pip over at  meetmeatmikes is taking stock, so I thought I would have a bit of fun and join in too:

So here's my list:
Making :   knitted squares – it’s all I seem to focus on. 
Cooking :   orange cake - soonish
Drinking :  English breakfast w skim milk
Reading:   All the Birds, Singing
Looking:    at learning to crochet
Deciding:   must take more photos
Wishing:  to be more motivated
Enjoying:   everything about June espec NRL footy
Waiting:   for the long weekend, though sadly we have a funeral to go to
Liking:   avocado on rye toast
Wondering:   why I can’t lose weight
Loving:   the cooler weather at last
Pondering:   the weather in Hobart February 2015 for our holiday
Considering:   stepping away from the computer and going for a walk
Watching:   The Voice 
Hoping: to get a lot done today
Marvelling:  at how I procrastinate
Needing:   avocado on rye toast for breakfast soon
Smelling:   toast and fresh morning air
Wearing:   jeans & old Regatta trackie top
Following:   an eclectic lot of new-to-me blogs (Strayed from the Table / The Apprentice Extrovert / Walk Among the Homes / Zaranne Handmade / Learn This Phrase
Noticing:   veggie garden doing well.  Will do a catchup post soonish.
Knowing:   I can push myself more with my online sales
Thinking:   how much I can still achieve this week
Admiring:   son as he effortlessly juggles work/play/mid-year uni exams
Sorting:   out old clothes
Buying:   trying to give up the habit (Live-Like-a-Minimalist - ha I wish!)
Getting:   reflective about son turning 19 on June 9.  Tho it seems ages since he turned 18
Bookmarking:   wool I want to buy right now! 
Disliking:   news and current affairs atm - so have vetoed altogether. 
Opening:   plans for extended travel next year if $$ allow (refer disliking)
Giggling:   at some silly movie last night.  So much more fun to watch.
Feeling:   very sad that we have lost a friend recently to cancer
Snacking:   almonds
Coveting:   chocolate almonds
Wishing:   son wasn’t planning a tattoo (sorry mate, just being a mum)
Helping:    to get house sorted out / decluttered?
Hearing:   lorikeets in Poinciana tree just outside window.

Thanks Pip!

cheers for now


**Anne** said...

WOW, that's some taking stock.
Anne xx

duchess_declutter said...

It was a fun post - actually a lot quicker to write than ordinarily!