June 27, 2014

June in focus - lots of orange and green

Our lovely orange trumpet vine has survived another year!  Back here I mentioned the last of the winter vine for the second time. 

Another year has rolled around and it is turning into more of a monolith it seems!  The tree it is covering is long dead if we remove the vine we (or he, dear husband) will have to remove the tree too.
and there's plenty of green in the choko vine, citrus trees - plus a rather petite green frog I spotted.  I couldn't believe it, we don't get many frogs these days, mainly cane toads.   This guy was so cute.
Cannot believe that it is July next week!  Hopefully July will see the rewards coming through in our veggie garden too.

By the way, there's some retro orange featured in some of the homeware I'm selling over at vintage_declutter at the moment too, with more to come!


cheers for now


**Anne** said...

Your photos are gorgeous, all those wonderful oranges and greens.
Anne xx

Frances Simple said...

Wow - what a magnificent vine and those beautiful colours!!! Thanks for sharing.

Helsyd said...

I'm having problems following the link to your eBay store - is there an alternate way to find it?

duchess_declutter said...

Not sure what the problem is - my ebay seller name is vintage_declutter - maybe if you search on this?
Thanks for your comment. cheers Wendy

Helsyd said...

Thanks Wendy I followed one of your other links and was able to reach your store :)