August 6, 2014

This Time of Year

Ahh.  The simple things in life.
a little gathering from the veggie garden, including a bouquet of greens.  Kale, silverbeet and parsley.
 Some lovely tomatoes at last.... it's been a while.

Flavour of the day - on rice biscuits with cottage cheese and avocado - with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!

a few small pumpkins which have been very sweet indeed.

My favourite (and it seems, only) flowers at the moment. Nasturtiums.
Then there is this......... the warmer weather means that carpet snakes think it must be time to make a move. Maybe a spot in the sun somewhere whilst deciding on dinner material.  Just stay away from my hens big fella!  

There is definitely merit in having the house safely screened (I hope)!!

Cheers for now


Nanna Chel said...

Sorry, I can't cope with snakes at all. Too scary....even in winter! :-) I always watch where I am walking just in case they are sunning themselves. I only have a few cherry tomatoes growing as we have had some frosts. I hate having to buy tomatoes from the shops as they are so hard and tasteless.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Glad we don't have too many of those snakes down this way. I would freak out if I saw one that big in my rafters!

I had been still picking tomatoes, but some bad frosts this week have turned my plants black. There are still some tomatoes on the vine, I will leave them there to ripen. I don't buy shop tomatoes, they just don't compare with my delicious smelling ones from my veggie patch :)

**Anne** said...

Veges (lovely ones at that) I can handle, snakes I cannot. Grew up with the poisonous ones in country W.A. and I've been freaked out by them ever since.
Anne xx

Ock Du Spock said...

Yes, I would freak if snakes came into the house! Enjoy the spoils of the garden, your tomatoes look great!

duchess_declutter said...

Well I didn't really say that I cope Nanna Chel! Just have to accept it and hope I never wake up with one next to me on the bed that's all. We see maybe one or two a year this size but I am always on the lookout for them that's for sure.

duchess_declutter said...

I do freak out a little too Tania! and I worry that they might fancy the exposed beams inside the house too. We haven't had frost here at all this winter, happens only rarely. The tomatoes in the shops are horrible I don't buy either.

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Anne. Hope your veggie garden has taken off too, or maybe in spring? Not fond of snakes either, but the positve is that we don't see any others, just the carpet snakes. I'

duchess_declutter said...

I have a huge case of garden envy with your gorgeous display Virginia! We badly need some rain too, but can still pump from the dam for the veggies.

Joolz said...

My Lord, is that a snake?? Yikes!

We live on 2.5 acres (for the past 10 years) and we have never seen a snake yet. A few blue-tongue and shingle-back lizards but no snakes. We wait!

I love your garden bounty. Nothing grows here over winter, its just too cold.

Cheers - Joolz xx

duchess_declutter said...

Yes Joolz, that is a snake! We are fortunate that we don't see brown or black snakes too, as they are out there aplenty.