August 12, 2014

Taking Stock.02

Another taking stock post - a quick way to catch up with what's been going on around here.

Firstly though - a super moon.  Has it been lovely in your part of the world?  Although I didn't take this photo, I certainly enjoyed the glow last night.  

So what's been happening?

Making: pathetic attempts at crochet granny squares.  Still knitting squares in a variety of patterns.  One day I will crochet together.

Cooking: made chicken parmigiana last night.  Easy leftovers tonight.

Drinking : English Breakfast w skim milk.  Some things are constant.

Reading: Simon Beckett’s new novel Stone Bruises.  Liking it.

Looking: through window at lovely blue sky morning

Deciding: which jobs to tackle first this morning.  Clean windows?

Wishing: that the flu bug hadn’t caught us this winter.  It did - well & truly.

Enjoying :  the wonderful library services we can access online. 

Waiting: for my first try at preserved lemons to be ready.  Thanks Fiona @ Life at Arbordale Farm for the prompt.  Still a few weeks to go.
Liking: lots of eggs our hens are giving us lately.

Wondering: whether any exciting mail awaits at PO Box – or bills?

Loving: my stitching from the lovely Claire @ Sweet Birdy Love.  Just loving it in my kitchen.  My poor photography doesn't capture the beauty.
Pondering:  if I can get back into my regular walking routine soon.

Considering: cleaning windows next week

Watching: Offspring finale.  Big sigh.  I loved this season.  

Hoping:  that our house really is snake-proof.

Marvelling: my husband and I married 8/8/92 and we have just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!

Needing: reassurance that carpet snakes don’t really want to get inside the house!

Smelling: Nothing specific.  Still getting over flu.

Wearing: jeans & cotton peasant top.  Mild day here 22 deg.C

Following: some new blogs  - I’ve added to my bloglovin list + my blog

Noticing: how much plastic is on every product

Knowing: that it is possible to avoid plastic.  Must try harder.

Thinking: about victims MH17 disaster  - National Day of Mourning

Sorting: out my priorities in next few weeks.  Time flying past.

Buying: groceries in bulk where possible.  I think it is working - combined with managing household expenses more strictly.  One wage only goes so far ......

Getting: excited about some travel plans in next 12 months.  Ignore previous comment.

Bookmarking: some new farmers markets to attend soon

Disliking: loud rap music son favours.  Sorry, sound like oldie here!

Opening: Some of those lovely window faced envelopes.

Giggling:  have recently rekindled friendship with 2 old school friends.  We have picked up where we left off many years ago and recently had a girl’s weekend away.  Fabulous time.

Feeling: somewhat better now thanks.  Being sick is no fun.

Snacking: stewed apple, plain yogurt & cinnamon.  Yum.

Coveting: Virginia @ Ock Du Spock's garden!  Serious Garden Envy.

Wishing:  we really could do with some rain. 

Helping: our household budget by being more aware of what we buy

Hearing: washing machine competing with old 70’s song on radio - Joy to the World –Three Dog Night: {Jeremiah was a bullfrog - Was a good friend of mine ....}

cheers for now

PS - has any one else noticed that there are 5 Sundays in August this year?


Tanya Flood-Proof Mum said...

A great list. I have wanted to make preserved lemons for a while and lemon curd. Thanks for adding m to your blog roll :)

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Tanya - I'll let you know how it goes. I haven't tried making lemon curd yet.

librarygirl said...

Been a tough winter here and I've been coughing on and off for a few weeks .....
I like your list, many things in common with you!