July 25, 2014

Self Appointed Slack Blogger Award!

Yes it's true - I am a slack blogger.  It is almost the end of July and no post update.

Probably for the following reasons :-
  • I have taken a whole lot of photos to include here - but cannot find the cable link thingy for my camera.  I guess I could re-take some on my phone - but haven't.
  • I have a huge case of blog envy and spend way too much time reading other much more interesting blogs.
  • I have taken to online shopping in a big way and spend way too much time looking.  Just looking, and sometimes buying.
  • Not really an excuse - but the weather here at the moment is just glorious and I've been spending time outside enjoying it.  Not gardening so much as just enjoying it.
  • I'm learning to crochet.  Not succeeding very well.  Even after a lesson, even after many youtube tutorials, and viewing many online how-to's.  Being left handed isn't really an excuse, I just can't get my head around it...... and it looks so easy.
  • My husband has just bought a saxophone.  No, he has no previous experience (in anything musical).  Yes he is having lessons.  Yes, he does practice.   A lot.  I am very proud of him for tackling it.  Not so proud of myself wearing headphones
  • I knit a lot.  Still only squares which I am hoping to crochet together one day.
  • I read a lot too - have just finished Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod.  A good read.
  • Have taken advantage of some cheap interstate flights.  Planning some trips.
Not really meaning to sound despondent or desperate!  Just telling it how it is at the moment.

For no other reason than some photos of laundry trolley I've added a nostalgic one of our boy (now 19). Just loving the spider watch gadget!  I had forgotten all about that one.

So .... any other recipients of  the Slack Blogger Award out there?  I'd be happy to pay it forward!!

cheers for now


Kim said...

You made me laugh...duchess declutter online shopping! I thought you were meant to be decluttering!
I also am a slack blogger. I am finding most of the people I started out blogging with have all gotten really busy and havent blogged for ages along with me! It does mean though that real life is wonderfully interesting but it is good to catch up every now and then.

Maria said...

It certainly sounds like you are keeping busy, Wendy! I love looking at online fabric and yarn shops and love EBay...I buy the odd item from the latter...always yarn or fabric, lol.

**Anne** said...

Well you may not be blogging but you've been enjoying life. I'm a slack blogger too these days, just seem to have much to say.
Anne xx

librarygirl said...

Yes I am another left hander bamboozled by crochet!

Joolz said...

You need a sd card reader usb (available at camera shops, Harvey Norman, Officeworks etc. You slip your card i to it then plug the little device into your usb point. Voila, it brings up you pictures that are on the card. Much easier than the cable.
Everyone gets busy at time, sounds like you've been using your time wisely (well, apart from online shopping!).
Maybe aim for a monthly recap using pics you've taken to relive the month. Declutter your camera memory card once a month.

Shaheen said...

I know you won't think it, lookign at my blog, but I have been a slacker, having only thrown myself into blogging again in the past couple of months, but my heart is not all there. Hence the introduction of the food challenges, a bit selfish on my part to get me motivated again and its kinda working. But I am sure others deserve your award. I am just glad to see you back. Envy that you are learning to crochet,

Christina said...

Nothing wrong with being a slack blogger! Sometimes life gets in the way and yours sounds particularly interesting and busy just now.