May 30, 2014

The Year in Books - May

This is actually a bit cheeky - sneaking in a post at the very end of May!
As I'm joining in with The Year in Books with Laura at Circle of Pine Trees, one of the books I've read is on the suggested reading list.  This was Life After Life which many have read and recommended.
So, also in keeping with the theme of The Year in Books, I'll just give my two bobs worth with regards to the book - as opposed to a review.

Life After Life - well, let's be honest here.  I liked it, but I didn't love it!   I probably have more of a liking for her Jackson Brodie character in her mystery themed novels.  I prefer definitive endings and the lack of a real ending took away my enjoyment. The concept of Life After Life was a little repetive but Kate Atkinson brings a strong sense of place and time.  The Nazi connection did not work for me - but it was a good read, though I had to push myself at times to finish it. 

Our library system tags books with a code for easily identified genres.  I'm assuming other libraries do that too?  Notice anything about the three books I've read? It seems that I'm firmly in the 'mystery' classification. The little cap and spyglass shows that I gravitate to a suspenseful or mystery theme.   
I've read a couple more books since these three which I didn't photograph.  The one which stands out of would be Lisa Scottoline's - Keep Quiet.  It was a great read.  A good mystery with more than one twist in the tale. 

Next month (next week!) I will be starting All the Birds, Singing which promises good suspense.  It's not on the suggested reading list for the Year in Books, but I thought I would give it a try.  Might be able to recommend it for the list later.

Do you like reading as much as I do?  I'm glad I've joined this group.  I'm pleased to be keeping tabs on what I read, and to see what others are reading.

Oh!   I was pleased to see that one of my favourite authors Tana French has a new book out which I have reserved from the library.  Can't wait for that one!

cheers for now

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**Anne** said...

I've just started reading books again after a long break and loving it. I'm enjoying crime and thriller novels at the moment and have recently read titles from Swedish author Asa Larsson, Alex Berenson, James Patterson and Lee Child, the Jack Reacher series. I've not read any of the titles in your list so will have to take a look. Happy reading.
Anne xx