May 18, 2014

From the garden this week

The fruits of the garden at this end of this week.
 The ubiquitous choko.  Lots of them.  Beans just coming on.
Eggs from the girls.  Plenty at the moment.
Pawpaws saved from the possums.  Very sweet to eat no wonder they are popular.   
Not so good with the citrus this year.  Juicing only - except for the lime in a G&T!

cheers for now 


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

What a good haul. Lots of lovely eggs at our place too.

**Anne** said...

It's nice to see you have something from your garden to eat. How do you cook the chokos? I remember eating them years ago when Mum was experimenting with new foods, I seem to remember not being overly impressed. I hope the G & T was good. :)
Anne xx

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

Looking good Wendy! I love how exotic all those things sound to me - pawpaws and chokos, wow!!!! Enjoy :-0 Mel x

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Fiona, but I think you are a little more creative with what you do with your produce!

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Anne - Chokos .... where to start. We had them years ago, then ended up pulling out the vine as I had tried every which way to cook and eat them. I did end up wondering if they were worth the bother. Now we seem to have them again so I'm trying to be creative. I figure there must be some food value in them, so this morning I juiced some with some carrot and celery. Not bad. Probably better than cooked in white sauce which is how most people remember them.

duchess_declutter said...

Exotic the pawpaws may be, but not so much the chokos! On the contrary. I always enjoy seeing those crisp, cool looking shots taken in Tasmania from your blog Mel!