March 26, 2014

Books 2014

This page is where I hope to add to my list of books read throughout the year.  It will be separately located near the blog header.  I'm planning to add to this with some comment on the book I've just read, giving my humble opinion on how I found the particular book.  Please comment or join in if you have read it too!
The genre of books I lean strongly towards is suspense/thriller/mystery.  Preferably not too detailed in the blood/gore aspect!  I really enjoy a good mystery with a twist, or perhaps a police procedural type.  The English author Peter James springs to mind, with his Roy Grace crime series based in Brighton.

Another favourite is Elly Griffiths with her lead character, forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway always with an interesting challenge placed in front of her.  I'm eagerly waiting her newest book, which is on my library reservation list.   However, as per my resolutions of sorts post at the end of January, I am trying to read different styles of books.  So I have stepped out of my comfort zone a little and have read a few different genres to date.

However, I have a major confession to make regarding the books I read!  I have an obsession love to read new releases and have a backlog of books reserved at the library.  At last count it was 23. All my reading is done via the library now.  Over the years I have decluttered (yes really!) the majority of my book collection. I really enjoy reading book reviews, and then following up to see if I can reserve the item in question at the local library. Fortunately, we have a wonderful library system here, and I'm usually able to find the book I'm seeking.

I'm not a particularly fast reader, and some take longer to complete than others.  The Luminaries would be one case in mention - what a doorstopper of a book!

This is the list of books I've read to date in 2014.


Paris Letters - Janice MacLeod
Through the Cracks - Honey Brown
The Disappeared - Kristina Ohlsson

The One Plus One - Jojo Moyes
All the Birds, Singing - Evie Wyld

April / May
The Weight of Blood - Laura McHugh
Life after Life - Kate Atkinson
Someone Else's Skin - Sarah Hilary
Keep Quiet - Lisa Scottoline

Stay Alive - Simon Kernick
Bella Cora - Phillip Marguilies
The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton

The Visionist - Rachel Urquhart
A Tap on the Window - Linwood Barclay

North of Boston - Elisabeth Elo
A Narrow Margin of Error - Faith Martin
Burial Rites - Hannah Kent
The Mayne Inheritance - R Siemon


I realise this is probably another major swerve from decluttering!  However, I've wanted to get a few things sorted on the blog for a little while, and this was one of the changes.

Thanks for the comments regarding my indecision on the blog name in my last post.  I've realised that I'm quite happy where it sits, and hopefully fellow declutterers can find some hope/inspiration/kindred spirits here!

cheers for now


**Anne** said...

Book reading, such a wonderful pastime. The only books I buy are craft or gardening books, any novels I borrow from the library too. Book reading may be a swerve from decluttering but you need something to do in between. Enjoy your reading.
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

I have a long list and I do hope to sit this weekend and get some done. I was never a murder mystery reader until I read the tea shop books by Laura Childs. More 'light' reading, but the ones I read in 2012 really started getting more murderous if you will.
blessings, jill

duchess_declutter said...

Yes I have to admit I do still buy the occasional craft book Anne - mainly knitting when I have great plans. However, my main reads are library ones. cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

Hope you find some time to read Jill. I've not heard of that series, must look it up. cheers Wendy