March 25, 2014

What's In a Title?

When I first toyed with the idea of having a blog, it was more of an idea to keep track of my own feeble attempts at decluttering and sorting.  My house being a fairly good example of  '80s double brick ranch style home full of brown furniture.... and lots of 'stuff' inbetween.
Victorian mahogany Duchess dressing table fitted with seven…

In my naivety duchess_declutter was created (this was my very first post)  I was initially thinking of a duchess as one of these - and there is a big silky oak one sitting in our bedroom.  This is not it.

However, I thought it was a catchy title.  It seemed to fit in with the ideas that were flowing around about decluttering my house and my lifestyle.  At one stage I had two entire households here when I inherited a lot more 'stuff'.

So this is my official Disclaimer Post.  I am not a Decluttering Guru.  I'm actually pretty slack at it, and this also why I've been tidying up the blog a little.  I'm openly stating that this is not really a decluttering blog, more of a ramble.

My apologies to all how have clicked on the title and hoped for guidance.  I'm looking too.

I'd love some feedback - a) what do you think of the new colour scheme (if you're a regular reader)
and b) is it decluttering tips you're really after??

Cheers for now


Mama Shara said...

Can I admit that I never realised the duchess/furniture connection but now it totally makes sense! I went with the aristocratic duchess ;) I read blogs through my phone so the look of a blog doesn't affect me much as I can't see it. But I've clicked over now and I do really like the font. I'm not really looking for decluttering tips as such, just reading what progress you've made etc spurs me on or reminds me that I need to get rid of another few bags for the month! Xx

Angela said...

I didn't make the connection either - in the UK a 'duchesse' [with an 'e'] is a sort of sofa/chaise longue . I just thought you had aristocratic connections.
And I love pootling thru your blog, and realising you are not an expert either, it gives hope to the rest of us!!
Lenten blessings xx

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Hi Wendy I think it is your blog to do with what you like. Unless you are trying to earn money from your blog I would not worry about the title or how often you post about decluttering. I enjoy all your posts and I think it is important to be on a constant decluttering journey, well in my house it is.

**Anne** said...

I initially looked at your blog because I thought you were the duchess of decluttering. :) What I found was a blog altogether more delightful and full of interesting snippets about your life. Your blog is yours to present as you will, I for one like your words. :)
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

As with the other commenters, I do not think you were a decluttering blog....just a nice name. I have not found my footing...if you will after losing my original blog during the Big G take over of blogger. I try to remember that my blog is just that, my blog and I blog about whatever is going on at the moment. I am good at rambling and love others who do too. I enjoy decluttering posts more as a kindred spirit kind of thing....that we all have seasons when stuff just magically appears and, we realize it has to go.

Love the new changes....all mine are more menopausal related;-) LOL.
blessings, jill

duchess_declutter said...

Shara, that's ok I've realised that I prob should have spelt 'duchess' with an 'e' on the end. I don't know how you manage to read blogs on phone. I've tried and it's just too small and annoying, but maybe that's just me. Or maybe you have a big phone lol. cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

Angela the bells started to go off in my head, and I googled duchesse with an 'e' and I realise that it does mean the sort of furniture I was meaning. Oh well. I did considered changing the blog title (and actually did for a total of 5 minutes!) but decided to leave it. Glad you enjoy my ramblings. Love that word 'pootling' it must be very English I think! cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

Fiona I am so untechnical, the idea of trying to earn money from my blog is just laughable, so no worries about that! Thanks for your comments, alway encouraging to know that others are in the same boat. cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

I wish I was the duchess of decluttering! Actually that's what made me a bit worried when I found there is actually a 'duchess of declutter' out there. People must get really annoyed when they find sunflower posts lol! cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

It is an online diary and good to keep tally of things, I find. What a trauma that must have been when you lost your original blog! I agree that it is good to know there are kindred spirits out there, I need all the encouragement I can get! cheers Wendy