March 28, 2014

In the garden - some rain at last

I'm linking in with Jacqui over at Dusty Country Road today.  I've been thinking of joining in the last few Fridays, but now at last I feel a bit more inspired.  We've had some rain, it's a little cooler (humidity stay away please) and I wandered about and took a few photos.
Wow - and my first mosiac too!  I've been aware that my photos have been looking a bit ordinary so I'm aiming to 'up the ante' wondering at the same time what that expression actually means.

So I stumbled upon reference to this site and managed to fumble my way around enough to make my first mosiac.  win win.

Back to the garden however!  Photos are as follow -

1&2 - Before and After sunflowers (see the sunflower experiment).  It's amazing what a brushcutter can do!
3&4 - Some rain in the gauge at last (only about 110mls over 2 days - not as much as some but more than we have had for a long time).  The humble start to this winter's veggie crops.  A rather hurried planting before the rains. Hopefully more time in the garden this weekend.
4&5 - Tamarillos powering on; our first coconuts!  We are in south east Queensland, in the sub-tropics so we weren't sure if this would ever fruit.

Thanks Jacqui for a bit of a push into appreciating the garden a bit more!  I hope to have more exciting photos next time of the progressing veggie garden.

cheers for now


Kim said...

Lovely photos. I love that shade house!

librarygirl said...

Impressed by your mosaic Wendy!

**Anne** said...

I like your mosaic too and must learn how to do one myself. So glad to
hear you received some much needed rain. Your garden does look very tropical. I hope you achieve your gardening goals this weekend.
Anne xx

Jacqui Calvert said...

Hi Wendy, I'm so happy you joined in! It's great to take a look at your garden, especially as it's so different to mine. That's some hefty work with the brushcutter. Jeepers I can't imagine getting 110ml over two days! What a lush surrounding you have. I look forward to seeing more.

Ock Du Spock said...

How good is the rain! What a big job it must have been clearing those sunflowers (they're awesome though aren't they!!) and coconuts? That is very cool!