November 20, 2013


Anyone with child/ren will relate to this I’m sure.  Or even those who don’t!

I wonder if you remember the first full sentence your child spoke?   I remember very clearly as our son was in the child seat in the back – What’s for dinner tonight Mum??”
Now bear in mind that he was (and still) is our only child.  Of course it goes without saying that of course he was (and still is) the cutest, most intelligent, kind, loving helpful child on the planet ... yada yada!

I’m sure he was about two years old, give or take, and had been talking lots but had not actually strung a sentence together.  I can remember hearing that cute little voice from the back seat and being shocked to the core.   What did you say?  How did he know how to put those words together?  Amazing!  Say it again son, that’s fantastic!!   
Fast forward another 16 or so years. He is now 18.5 years old. He has a very much deeper voice.  Have a guess what I have been hearing nearly all of those 16 years – and even more and more of these days?

What’s for dinner tonight Mum?  He is on an extreme fitness curve and apparently has to eat every three or so hours.  Oh – and this is on a Paleo diet, so if I’m not cooking, I’m spending more and more time and money hauling carnivore type food into the house!

Before anyone gets too upset, he does cook at least 3 out of 4 meals himself.  He does clean up the kitchen. He does help unpack the car.  He is on Uni break and he and I seem to be spending more time together than ever before – and food and menu planning keeps getting mentioned in the conversation a lot.
However on the plus side, this time last year he was at Gold Coast Schoolies.  So I can only thank our lucky stars that it is all over.  Sending kind thoughts to any parents who are going through it at the moment.    Not good for parents well-being at all.  Anyway, that’s done and dusted and it doesn’t seem to have changed him significantly.  I think he was just glad to get home to some decent food.

Thankful too that our son has finished Year 1 of University - he has changed to a Business degree and it really fits him well.   I didn’t think that he was an Engineer somehow.  So many of his friends have dropped out from various courses, we are pleased that he has at least finished first year.
And this framed stitching is a pickup from the local oppy some months ago?  Still showing it's $4 price tag.  For some reason it ‘spoke’ to me, maybe it reminds me of myself.  Maybe it reminds me of the queue up in the kitchen sometimes. 
I got in touch with my latent creative side and painted and stamped the frame.  Not that it looks much better, but I’m so over brown in this ‘80s house that I change everything I can.  Not permitted to paint the walls apparently (according to husband)  though we do talk about it at times.
Just a couple of gratuitous snaps of Dex, just necause he is so cute and at least he still lets me cuddle him!

{  Jo if you happen to be reading this - I know that our son is getting closer and closer to leaving home, so I'll be back reading this post again then!}

Cheers for now



Maria said...

Some lovely memories there, Wendy! What a beautiful dog too; so cute!

Jo said...

Oh, honey, what a lovely memory, and enjoy the mess in the kitchen while you can :)

Kim said...

It is hard to believe that little person that said that sentence is now so grown up isn't it... I love that story about his first words. Our daughter has just hit some older kid milestones herself at 15 and I still remember that little girl toddling about the house 'helping' in the kitchen as if it were yesterday.

**Anne** said...

How wonderful to have your son help out in the kitchen. I guess if is eating so frequently, you are very grateful. Love your stamped frame.
Anne xx