November 8, 2013

Not much in the garden at the moment .....

I made that comment in the last post, that nothing much was happening in the garden.  So now - the other extreme ............ photo overload.

This morning I went for a bit of a stroll with camera and took these snaps.  Have a look at our November semi-rural sub-tropical garden into which we have adapted a new garden design – I've dubbed it part permaculture and part lazy style.
Poor photo quality as usual, but it did make me appreciate what is going on all the time here.  In this place which I often think of as very ordinary, is possibly more appreciated on reflection.
Coffee trees in flower again.  Each time they are in flower I think – must do something with coffee beans one day ......
Shadehouse recently cleared and new plantings, mainly lettuce and tomato, beans.  Cannot take any credit, husband digs around in here when he has time.

This tamarillo tree going great guns, despite the crazy  lean-to.  Must prop it up or put on some sort of frame this weekend before it snaps and we lose the fruit.
Lots of brassicas – always do well with the broccoli.  Not so much success with cauli.  Some cabbages too do ok.

The flowering gum in the morning light.  Not so many parrots this morning now that they are taken most of the blossom.  Lots on the ground through.

Coconut palm (one off). 

Gardenia, agapanthus and lily.

My new batch of tomato seedlings.  I try not to visit the big 2 supermarkets very often, but I do like these little perino tomatoes, and the seed can't be bought.  It seems that Coles/Woolies have the monoply on them. So I thought I’d have a go at growing some on - straight from a single tomato.  Seems to be working a charm. Take that big 2!

That's about it - and btw for those interested - MRI showed clear (as anticipated).  ENT fellow said well done, come back in a year.  Tinnutis and blocked feel should be gone by then.  Thank you very much!

cheers for now Wendy


Mama Shara said...

A bit jealous of your greenhouse! We've got lots of flowering Gardenia and Agapanthus at the moment too! Glad your results are clear.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Shara - well it's a shadehouse really to keep sun off and ducks from the dam out!

**Anne** said...

I've been off the loop or a bit and have not caught up on all my blog reading so missed that you've had some tests. Glad to hear they are clear. Good luck with the little tomato seedlings, nothing quite like home grown tomatoes.
Anne xx

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Anne, nice to hear from you. The tomatoes are now planted out, let's see how they go.....

Ock Du Spock said...

what a lovely garden!