November 26, 2013

Brussel Sprouts look out!

Actually these are mini-cabbages.
Seems we have to pick them early before the Wicked White Moths descend.  I'd like to say that it is a good way to eat them, but sadly it is not.

Speaking of cooking. ...... what do you cook on?  I don't mean hotplate or grill, or even brand names of saucepans, I'm talking type of cookwear.
I think I've tried them all.  Starting off with a very expensive stainless steel set when first married.  Then the various teflon types.  However, I've always been wary of teflon.
So we have gone back to the basics.  Not all the time, but cast iron cookware definitely has appeal ...... and it's good in so many ways.  Including muscle building when lifting out of cupboard.
Not so good for the person stuck with the washing up however!  More muscles needed here too. Luckily Son is either doing the cooking or the washing up so win-win.  He's definitely doing the eating (refer previous post  What's For Dinner Mum)!
Sigh..........I have to frock up and front up to a big Big Night Out in the City this weekend.   You definitely know you're getting old when you'd much rather be at home with a book / glass of wine / knitting or all three!. .. or I would anyway.

cheers for now


Mama Shara said...

We always had cast iron when I was a kid, and I would love some now! We bought an expensive stainless steel set from Myer around 4 years ago and they are terrible! Very disappointed :(

I too would rather stay home and knit! And I'm only 30.... It's nothing to do with old age!

Joolz said...

My idea of a good weekend is that too - wine, watch tv, make some nice food. We rarely go out for meals in our small town - hubby can cook a better steak than any of the pubs, for way less and I can make a mean curry!
This weekend I am also heading to the city (flying there with one daughter) to say happy birthday to my eldest daughter so its a girls weekend for us! Woohoo! Frocking up is defs the worst bit! Enjoy your weekend,

Cheers - Joolz xx

Claire said...

hey Wendy, we use Scanpan frypans, grill pans, they're pretty good, but you can't use oil sprays to cook with as it affects the coating. They don't last forever, but buy them on sale and you get alot of use out of them.
I saw on TV I think that the cabbage moth is territorial, so cut out a moth shape from white card or something weather proof put it on a tall stick in the garden and that should deter the cabbage moths.
I thought it was a great idea, but haven't tried it as yet, haven't seen any of the critters so far......
Nice fry up and I'm with you on an evening in, but I hope you have a great night out.

Claire x

duchess_declutter said...

I still have my stainless steel which I like, but the saucepans seem to be getting a workout lately and I thought I'd try the cast iron. I bought them on spesh reduced to $39 from $139 (if you can beleive that....all a bit of a sales ploy methinks). cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

That's sounds like our usual w/end Joolz. This is a bit different - but yours does sound like fun. Enjoy your girls' special weekend. cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Claire! I think that is where I went wrong with my Baccarat one! However, the cast iron is good for the moment when the kitchen is on high rotation. I have heard that about the moth shape too, but have yet to try it! It was a nice fry up, not out usual meal but ok once in a while. I've readied myself for the w/end in the City, it's only once or twice a year so ........ about to go and get some Culture.! lol. cheers Wendy