November 6, 2013

The use of a word ...

Well it was a big day yesterday.  I had a medical appointment  (well now that you ask, it was an MRI.  Who would have thought that a middle ear infection back in July would still be annoying me now!?  ENT fellow wanted to have a look at the big picture .. ahh that would be my brain).
So before I headed off to the 10am Melbourne Cup Day morning appointment, I thought to myself well at least it’s before all the hoo-ha starts, and the nation stops to watch the race.  I certainly didn’t want to be stuck in the machine while others watched the race!
Then I remember that hoo-ha was an expression my Mum used quite a bit, and I don’t hear it very often now.  I pondered whether it actually was a word, or just a made up.  So of course I asked Mr Google who confirmed that it is a term for fussing about, but also a slang word for something else entirely .........
Well!  I didn't know that - you learn something new every day. I've led a sheltered life it seems.  So  I will have to use the term more carefully now it seems – maybe I should try out brouhaha.

Melbourne Cup Day always leaves me a little nonplussed.   Like most people, I've have enjoyed quite a few lunch outings over the years and have joined in the office sweeps on many occasions.  However, I’ve never been to the race itself and as a horse lover I just don't really enjoy watching horses race.  It was sad to hear that one of the horses, Verema was put down.

A few snaps about the place.  Luckily the gardenias are flowering at moment, not much else is.  The lorikeets are happily enjoying one of our gums that is in full flower at the moment.  It seems that a side order of sunflower seeds is popular as well.

Two books heading back to the library.  The yarn one is beautiful to look at, but a bit complex for me.  The Hilary Mantel novel is .......well, interesting.  It started off as a witty - bordering on humorous - toned story about nuns and priests in ‘50s England ... until the strange visitor Fludd appeared in town.  Things become slightly more complex and the expression ‘putting the cat amongst the pigeons’ springs to mind.    However, maybe that’s just my mind at the moment.  It’s just a bit addled from being x-rayed from many different angles!

Cheers for now



Jo said...

Hi Wendy, appreciating your pretty garden. I hope your brain isn't too addled, and that all is well. Medical mysteries and long going infections are just terrible. And don't doctors love to send us off for tests? Saves them thinking...

Maria said...

Loved the photos of your garden! My mother was another one for sayings...which I find myself using too :-) Hope the MRI sheds some light on why you are still bothered by that middle ear infection...they can be very troublesome. (A friend of mine who loved all the hype of the Melbourne Cup finally went to it on some sort of package; a dream come true for her! Except, their tickets entitled them to a very stingy picnic lunch in a bitumen carpark, they could only view the race on a large screen and she wasn't impressed one little bit!)

librarygirl said...

good luck with the MRI results.

btw, the hoo-ha thing cracked me up!