October 31, 2013

A bit of bridge spotting..

There were many of them - however, here are a just few of the bridges that we either walked over, crossed or just spotted on our NSW/Vic road trip.

We spotted this chap sunning on part of the old railway bridge at Gundagai - which is probably better known for the dog on the tucker box!
several bridges cross this part of the Murumbidgee River, including an old railway bridge.

Part of the unused road bridge at Gundagai.
Yackandah historic stone bridge
Tooleybuc Bridge over Murray River
The walkway to Broken Hill miners memorial.  
Suspension bridge on walkway at Cranky Rock Nature Reserve - Warialda

of course there were lots more, I just wish I had photgraphed them all!

cheers for now


Claire said...

Noooooooooo, don't tell me you went through Yackandandah. This is my territory, my home town, my turf........Oh Wendy!! Did you stop and have a wander, maybe we even passed each other in the street and didn't know it!! Oh, I can't believe it.......that's what I get for not visiting recently and not keeping up with your goings on.
Love the bridge pics by the way.........

Claire :(

Kim said...

I love those old bridges . Thanks for the pics.

duchess_declutter said...

Oh Claire, if we had know where we were going ourselves I probably would have planned it better! All I can say is lucky you for living in that part of the world!! just loved it all, we stayed at Beechworth for 4 days and just did little day trips from there. Love the art gallery in Y and also the community op shop. Catchup next time! cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Kim - I do too. I just wish that I had taken more photos - some of them have such fascinating history. Glad you've had some recent rain, we have too! cheers Wendy

Mama Shara said...

That cat is gorgeous! And there is many great place names in Australia, Yackandandah would have to be close to the top!