November 29, 2013

Revisiting vintage_declutter

Just to advise that I have revamped rebooted my site on ebay under this name.  To access vintage_declutter listings, just click on the link on the sidebar.

It was my intent when I first started this blog to document items as they left the house, in the form of decluttering.  I have to say, I think my first inspiration was my blogworld friend librarygirl, as she carefully detailed the contents of bags as they left the house.
Righto I thought!  I can do that - however in the meantime this blog has turned into an everyday ramble about life on our small acreage, which is just fine too.  I've certainly met some lovely people along the way.

However, although this is going on all the time in the background - I’ve realised that while I have way too much stuff  - I also needed to sell a truckload of things also.

So vintage_declutter was created as an ebay site where I list only vintage, retro and some antiques.  I also started a not so exciting blog of the same name (which I have put on hold).  It may well come back to live another day sometime in the future.

My love of retro goes waayyyy back ........ right back to the day in fact.  I have been admiring, collecting and buying for a long time.  Add to this the fact that I have been the recipient (in a not such a  great way, through inheritance on both sides of family) of some very lovely items. 
At one stage our home held the entire contents of two homes – including large antiques and collectables!  It was interesting to say the least - so I’m pleased to say that now, a few years later, our home no longer looks like an episode of Hoarders Inc.   

My genuine love for retro amd vintage collectables has now evolved to more fine-tuned stage.   I now know which specific ones I’d like to keep.  My mother particularly was very stylish and had an exceptionally tasteful way of displaying things.  I can only hope that once I downsize a little, some of this stylishness will eventually surface in me!

As I was a child/teenager growing up in the ‘80s,  it is wonderful thing now to be able to re-visit retro on an ongoing basis.  I just wish that I had kept more .... well maybe not, but definitely that TV shaped orange radio, and those green cream and orange pinstripe pants!
So now I have reached the stage in my life where my emotional detatchment trigger has been activated!  I can actually part with things at last.  Items really have to get a move on and find other homes because it is going to be a looong process.  I can still record and keep a memory alive through photos and this is how I’ve chosen to do it. 

So this is a shameless plug for vintage_declutter.  Please forgive me if the whole idea doesn’t appeal to you and this is just a blah blah blah post - but for those who care to -  I’d love you to visit my listings.  I will always be updating and adding new items.  Don’t forget to mention it if you are a blog follower  (extra-special treatment if you are! ).
All listings are postal only - I wrap carefully, send off  promptly (Australia only).  I can tell you a little about the history of an item if you’d like to know. 

.... and lovers of Kathy Winkle plates, sorry but this was just a tempter, they are not for sale - for the moment anyway!

Cheers for now


librarygirl said...

all those Winkles - sweet. I will be checking your listings!

muppy said...

Haha everyday ramble! I dolike your rambling. I would love to buy something, I will have to part with some of my own stuff to fit it in though ;)