December 5, 2013

Warped board art

I bought this old watercolour on our road trip back in September.  I have a fondness for watercolour and something about this one just spoke to me.  Particularly as when we were travelling the blossoms were out everywhere, and we don't get that so much in Queensland. 
It was framed, an old frame nearly falling off.  It was $20 in an Oppy and husband was tutt tutting in the background that we really have enough 'stuff' at home (yes dear I know).
However what I didn't know until I took the frame off was that the artwork was pasted onto board.  Between the art and the board is layers of newspaper.
Very old newspaper (I'm guessing late 1800's) which is almost paper mached over the top of the board.  Over the years the board has warped - quite badly.  So much so, that when I took it to local picture framer he said that he couldn't do anything with it until it is off the backing board (which is quite firm - masonite?).
Such a pity as I was looking forward to having it framed and hanging it in the house.  So at the moment - my alternatives are:  1.   put it under something really heavy (like a chest of drawers) for a while and see how that works -> then have a frame over the lot.  2.  try and get if off the backing board which is difficult as the art paper is quite fine.  I've tried running a ruler down the back, doesn't work & I don't want to rip it. 

It's just unfortunate that the board is quite warped (painting is biggish 45 x 40cm). I'd love to know the background and who painted it (signature illegible).   Any bright ideas welcomed!  

cheers for now


Coal Valley View said...

Hi Wendy, I'm afraid I'm no help but what a lovely painting. I'm always surprised by the painting treasures I find in the Oppies...:-) Mel x

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Mel. I've actually decided to put it under something heavy and see what that does to it.