October 1, 2012

September looked a little like this here ....

Wisteria in bloom

Dexter and Angel looking romantic

(not really)  

Produce aplenty
Misty morning

 from our bedroom window
More wisteria in flower

this one is native wisteria though - different growth pattern, and very pretty

The month has flown past.  Cannot believe today is 1 October!

cheers for now

Tania @ Out Back  Bantams are my favourite I think Tania.  These are pekins.
Naturally Carol I know what you mean!
Fiona from Arbordale Farm – thanks Fiona, I was thinking of a few different titles for it.
**Anne**  Yes they are cute, but they do grow up!


Naturally Carol said...

I think this time of the year always flies for me..maybe it's the warmer weather..such a relief after winter always..or the beauty of fresh growth and flowers blooming..it always races by though and before I know it..it's Christmas season!

Kim said...

I am so loving this season too. I found lots of tomatoes coming up of their own accord today. Your wisteria looks lovely draped over the building.I am very jealous of your abundant produce too!

Claire said...

What tomatoes already?
Just goes to show the difference in climate from one end of the country to the other.
I love Wisteria and ours should be out in a week or so. We have silverbeet, Kale and Spinach at the moment. So nice to have home grown greens.
Happy October to you Wendy....

Claire :}

bonsaimum said...

Yes it's the 1st October already. The older you get, the faster time goes.

Maria said...

Lovely photos Wendy...love both your wisterias with their beautiful 'show'. great photos of Dexter and Angel...so cute! That produce sure looks yummy...my 'larger variety' tomatoes are still ripening but the cherry varieties have given us heaps so far with more to come :-) I guess from Claire's comment, it's made we realise that we do take 'our weather' up here for granted :-)

librarygirl said...

I'm REALLY jealous of the wisteria! wonder if i could fit one in here somewhere?

muppy said...

i want that produce!! and wisterias look beautiful :)

Coal Valley View said...

Hi Wendy - I LOVE Wisteria and yours is beautiful!! We have one just outside the front door but it is still not blooming . Ditto with our veggies - looks like we're a couple of weeks behind you down here in colder Tassie. Have a great weekend! Mel x