September 26, 2012

They are at the awkard stage .....

Remember those cute little wee chicks?  Hatched in early August?

They are now definitely at the awkard stage.
Still want the warmth and security to hop under Mum's wing at night (feel sorry for the 3rd one!)
Trying to be fiercely independent by day
Things to do, places to be, but awkard in their new feathers and growth.

Kind of reminds me of a certain teenager around here at the moment.  However, he's not too keen on hopping under the wing.  More like trying to fly the nest lol!

By the way - believe me - I thought of many captions for this post in line with the first photo -  however I stuck with the safest one!

cheers for now

Thanks for the nice comments on coriander.  More in the herb series to come.

veggiegobbler  It might be a bit cool where you are VG? 

Maria  I do that with the nasturtiums too!  Plus throw them into salads sometimes.  No I didn’t see the koala article.  Thanks Maria, I’ll email you. 

Sue Grier  All the herb flowers are pretty at the moment aren’t they?

**Anne**  I agree Anne, it can be a bit strong at times.  I made some pesto and went overboard a bit.  I haven’t grown sage, so I must try it.

librarygirl  no it probably is too cold.  I think a lot of people find coriander a pest, because it does self seed!


Tania @ Out Back said...

Lol that is so cute! Our chickens are at roughly the same stage too, they are bigger than their mum (bantam)...


Naturally Carol said...

She looked like a three headed chook in the first photo! I think i looked like a six headed mum at times too!

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Love the first photo!

**Anne** said...

The are gorgeous photos of gorgeous chickens. They do look a bit awkward but that makes them all the more cute. :)
Anne xx

Claire said...

Oh they are so sweet, love that first pic Wendy......
It's so much fun raising chickens and watching go through all the different stages.

Claire :}